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  1. ❎ SOLD Coiltek 5x10 coil for the Minelab Equinox

    I have a like new 5x10 coiltek coil for the minelab equinox. Used one time. Asking $210 shipped.
  2. ❎ SOLD Minelab Equinox 800

    I have had it around two years and used it very little. It has an aftermarket Detect-Ed red belly upper and lower Carbon Fiber shaft. Also has the aluminum Detect-Ed arm cuff. Screen has always had a cover and I have never submerged it. Original shaft, arm cuff, paperwork and box included. More...
  3. 💵 FOR SALE F/S : Predator Phoenix shovel

    I have a brand new predator Phoenix shovel for sale. $85 shipped.
  4. ❎ SOLD Quest Wirefree pro low latency earphones

    New in box. I bought these for the Equinox but bought a wired pair for water hunting. $50 shipped.
  5. ❎ SOLD F/S: Lesche 38D relic hunter shovel

    The Lesche 38D relic shovel is brand new. Asking $70 shipped.
  6. 🙋 WANTED WTB: Lesche Relic Hunter shovel

    Looking for a Lesche relic hunter shovel like the one pictured.
  7. 💵 FOR SALE F/S or trade: Predator model 45 hornet shovel

    I have a like new predator model 45 hornet for sale. I am asking $95 shipped or trade for a shovel like a piranha or ranger. It is basically new with the original box it was shipped in. They are out of stock on the predator website.
  8. 🙋 WANTED WTB: Predator Relic Pro model 80 T shovel

    I am looking for a predator relic pro model 80 T shovel. It is an older shovel. Thanks!
  9. 🙋 WANTED WTB: Predator Ranger Model 65 shovel

    I am looking for a Predator Ranger Model 65 shovel. If you have one to sale please message me. Thanks!
  10. 🙋 WANTED WTB: Predator Ranger Model 65 shovel

    If anyone has one to sale, send me a pm. Thanks!
  11. 🙋 WANTED WTB: Equinox 6” coil

    Does anybody have an Equinox 6” coil they are looking to sell? Pm me if you do. Thanks!
  12. A few finds today with the Deus

    Hunted a few fields around an old home site with Rev. and Civil war history. Found several flat buttons, five round balls which look to be Rev. war size, and three SC palmetto buttons. That makes seven palmetto buttons in all for me from this site. The one button still had fabric and thread...
  13. Equinox lower shaft options

    Have any of you guys tried a lower shaft off of another machine,to use on the equinox. I got a six inch coil and don’t want to change coils back and forth.
  14. 🙋 WANTED WTB: XP Deus 9” round HF coil

    Anyone have one to sale?Thanks.
  15. 🙋 WANTED WTB: XP Deus Vance muffs

    I am looking for a pair of Vance Muffs for the XP Deus. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. 🙋 WANTED WTB: WS5 Headphones

    Looking for a pair of WS5 headphones for the Deus. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. WTB: Predator piranha shovel

    If anyone has one for sale, please send me a message. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. WTB: Garrett AT Pro 8.5x11 coil

    If anyone has a used one to sell let me know. Thanks.
  19. AT Gold Depth

    I have a new at gold and I was wondering what kind of depth it gets on coins and cw bullets? Also how much deeper would the 11x8.5 get over the 5x8 coil? Is it worth buying the 8.5x11 coil ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Vance is the best Dealer out there!

    My experience purchasing my XP Deus has been a great experience. The best prices and Jeremy will help you with any questions or concerns anytime of the day. If you want the best prices and service before and after the sale call Jeremy. Thanks again, Michael Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk