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  1. Old Tool :Has me stumped:

    Trying to ID this for a friend who found it an old garage. It's approx. 14" wide by 10" tall. It has 3 clamps at the base which move in or out. The center rod can be turned by the handle at the top. Appears to be home-made because of the welds. We're just curious about what it's purpose is...
  2. ✅ SOLVED Yet Another Bayonet Question

    Found this bayonet at an estate sale It is approx. 21 1/8" long. The bore is about 18 mm diameter. There are no marking that I've found. Any info is appreciated. Let me know if the pics are too big. Laf
  3. ✅ SOLVED Mystery Tool of the Week

    Another tool found in my Dad's garage. He doesn't know what it is, but he had to buy it many years ago. :unhappysmiley:
  4. ✅ SOLVED 3 Horse related things. Quirt Maybe?

    I found these at a yard sale that had alot of old horse tack, etc. I'm interested as to what the heck they are. One looks like a quirt of some sort, but I have no idea on the other 2. Any info is appreciated. Laf
  5. I found some Fire King. And have a question

    Hey y'all, Sorry for the wash-rinse pics, I had to clean these up. Paid $5 for the boxful. FireKing fruit mugs, FK Anchor Hocking meadow green stuff, and Mikasa bud vase. My question is: does anyone recognize the juice glasses, or the trademark? Thanks, Lafitte
  6. ✅ SOLVED Looking for Airplane ID

    Hey y'all, I found this airplane model at a yard sale. Thought it was great and picked it up. What I don't know is who made it and it's designation. Any help is appreciated. Laf
  7. Need help on these (non-dug) airline wings

    I found these wings in a junk box at a yard sale. I thought they might be Allegheny Airlines, but could not find any info on the interwebs. They're about 3 1/8" by 3/4". There is nothing on the back that would help.
  8. BO BC Controversy again...

    By Soumya Karlamangla...
  9. Fones and Fishin Reels

    Fones and Fishin' Reels Just wanted to share some goodies I found this weekend. Viet Nam tiger stripe camo shirt and field telephone. Nice old Koss and Pioneer headphones from the 70's. Pflueger and Penn fishing reels. Total cost: $28 US Fortunately, I didn't buy any of that cheap old...
  10. Found an old Apple, still edible...

    Not many sales around here lately. But, I did find this old Macintosh at an estate sale today. The ladies running it didn't know what a Macintosh computer was. I paid 4 whole dollars for it. They didn't know if it worked or not, so I took a chance. I just need to clean off the old finger...
  11. An interesting treasure dug in the garden

    An interesting backyard treasure find It all depends on how you define treasure..... Local woman digs up two-headed piglet » Local News » Meadville Tribune
  12. Some recent finds, and a question

    Here are some GS finds from last week. More sales are popping up with the warm weather. 1962 Mattel Midge Doll Strombecker battleship Delta L 1011 Tristar Calypso Depth Gauge ( How it got to NC, I have no idea.) Vase? Anyone recognize this vase? It looks like something I might see in Spencer's...
  13. Yor sig. steals my screen.

    I really don't like it when a member's signature on their post take up 3/4 of my monitor screen. It makes trying to read long threads a pin in the %#$. Does this bother anyone else here?
  14. Sword, medals, and Violence. Oops, I meant Violin

    Some things I picked up this weekend. Paid less than $30 for all. I really like the Rowland Marcellus plate. Laf
  15. I hope my taxes dint help pay for this....

    I hope my taxes din't help pay for this.... QUEENS, NY—The Robert Mapplethorpe Children’s Museum officially opened its doors to the public Tuesday, drawing over 1,000 visitors with its interactive exhibits and youth-oriented activities aimed at making the photographer’s signature nude...
  16. Nice glass & brass finds today

    One looks to be a sextant, the other a surveyor's scope. Late 1800's. Made in England, I think. Paid less than $80 for the pair.
  17. ✅ SOLVED Key Type Thing Found in a Barn

    I found this item in a barn. About 1/4" down in straw and dirt. Didn't see any gas valves, so I'm stumped.
  18. Help ID this playing card set

    Found these at a garage sale. One of the packs is still sealed with an IRS stamp, so they might be casino cards. I've scoured the interwebs and can't find anything on this logo. The cards are brown and Bigelow "Redislip". Thanks! Laf
  19. A little help on some casino cards?

    I picked up these playing cards, but can't find any info on the logo on the interwebs. The sealed pack has an IRS stamp, so I assume they are casino cards. Does the logo look familiar to any of ya'll? Any help is appreciated.
  20. ✅ SOLVED Strange Ilco Key Adapter

    Hey ya'll, My father picked this up somewhere. He asked me what it was, I had no idea. My only thought is that it is some adapter to key a skeleton lock? I have no clue. Searched the lock forums and got no hits. thanks, Laf