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  1. Deus II ,who is buying?

    unless you like spending that kinda money and goin to a site only to find the battery in the coil is dead bring minelab 600 for backupy
  2. What do you think about therapy/counseling (inspired from the AA post)

    when they ask how do you feel while doodling with a pencil on a notepad i say i feel like apunch inthe nose is in order they get money for nothin and there on thier 2nd divorce
  3. Guns?

    if you find one i will meet you at seagull beach HH jim
  4. Something Cool.....Something Creepy

    May i suggest an acjd and a lime based burial
  5. 1652 cut tree coin

    congrats George was it found with the DFX
  6. token

    not sure
  7. Using A Psychic to help locate treasure?

    I lived near a psyhcic once, one day i drove by her house and she was standin in front of her car with the hood up starin at the engine
  8. Excuse me when are we going to have some questions other than

    I know what i know and if i tell you what i know i become irrelevant so dont ask me ,but i am always right

    Is the 3.0 update adding 4kh only for the 800:BangHead:

    I have been detecting for quite some time with single tone machines to my mind single tone is more challenging and more fun, tones are more like cheating. Its like shooting animals with scopes on rifles. I have a compadre costing a little over 100 dollars that finds all kinds of goodies sounds...
  11. Still no silver

    all the silver in massachusetts has been found or been moved to new hampshire
  12. Fresh haircut

    great place wish i knew where it is. we could all hunt there
  13. How about some tips and hot spots for a amateur from Candia

    I know people living in Deerfield can you tell me more about that spot
  14. 600

    Both ears are still attached to the bolt i did not abuse this machine in any way
  15. 600

    new detectors are made skimpy and highly overpriced my E600 tapped a a rock and that caused the coil to snap off no new coil for me, i refuse to buy another coil for it thanks for poor quality from minelab
  16. Robbers Cave located between Plymouth & Kingston in 1854

    Looked for that cave, never found it....
  17. Defunded Police- Where would you detect first?

    The evidence room
  18. Whites and Garrett better step it up

    i posted on this thread about my whites machines but i must admit that i also have a equinox 600 strickly for wet sand but i feel it is cheaply built and hate the idea of rechargeable batteries wih me luck jim
  19. Whites and Garrett better step it up

    I have 2 whites over 20 years old made better and stronger than anything sold today and work just as well, the new machines are breaking all the time HH