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  1. Switching from Good Wheel

    Hey all, I’m thinking I want to switch up from using my gold wheel for separating out sands and whatnot. I use a good cube for all my mining, then usually my wheel, but my wheel is broken and it’s turning into more of a project than I’d like. I’m also not to keen on it. Any suggestions I should...
  2. Gold Cube Tubing

    Hey All, I'd assume that the cube would go under the sluicing category. I wanted to upgrade my hose to a more flexible and durable hose. Maybe a longer one as well. Anyone ever upgraded their hosing?
  3. Blue wheel repair

    Hello, I just recently got my blue gold wheel back from my ex wife, who left it outside (filled with rain) then froze up all winter long. It didn't have a lid on it. Is this beyond repair/replacing parts? Should I just get a new one? Thanks!
  4. Older Magazine Directory

    Is there a place to look up the old treasure magazine articles? I have the membership to Western + Eastern, but it only goes back as far as 09. I'm looking for 80's/90's.
  5. Found a sweet knife

    I was out looking for an Easter egg in White’s Easter egg hunt and picked up a hot signal. Only about 2” down, this old looming knife was hanging out. Going to try to clean it up and find out more info on it seeing as I don’t know the slightest on identifying knives. Found about 20 feet from a...
  6. Found a rusty knife

    So I’m new to restoring thing. Found a rusty knife today and winks love to get it cleaned up. Is electrolysis my only real option?
  7. Scans of True Treasure

    Anyone have any of the old True Treasure magazines? I'm trying to find an article from the Sept-Oct 1971 issue. I was wondering if someone could scan the article and send it to me. Thanks.
  8. New to shipwrecks

    I'm new to hunting shipwrecks. I am searching for a vessel called the Hitsap. It was captained by George or Gregory Dwargstof and was somewhere off the coast of Alaska in the early 1890's. I don't know if the names are correct, if the spelling is correct, what nationality it is, anything. Pretty...
  9. Help with a closed down website

    I'm trying to get the log of Alaskan shipwrecks from this website: International Registry of Sunken Ships but when you click it, it says "shop closed". Does anyone have any other ways to look up shipwrecks? I'm looking for one in particular called the Hitsap, but would love a list of all of them...
  10. Massive Alaskan Hunt

    I never even realized this sub forum existed! I have a huge project that I'm doing this summer. It's in Alaska. So I'm really looking for locals if possible. It's hard to explain without giving away too much. It's an all summer long hunt (which for us is only a few months). Million bucks of...
  11. Cache Creek Treasure Hunters

    Got some big things coming. Just started up this page so everyone can follow our adventures. We're based in Alaska and this summer is going to be one action packed summer! Check us out!
  12. Reward points

    Not sure if this is against the rules since it’s kind of “advertising”...any places online that you can earn reward points or anything for buying equipment? Going to load up on some equipment and it’d be nice to get some kickback here and there. Thanks!
  13. Hard Carrying Case

    I've got a Nox 800 and I'm looking for some sort of hard case for it. I travel all over Alaska and it'd be nice to have some protection. I've searched, but I can only find soft cases and the hard cases I find are specifically made for other detectors. Any ideas? Thanks.
  14. Equinox Noob

    My wife just got me the Equinox 800 for Valentine’s Day. Total noob on how to really detect. Is there any kind of cheat sheet that shows what numbers are for what kind of material? I mainly gold prospect seeing as I’m in Alaska, but I’d like to look for old mining relics and whatnot as well. And...
  15. First Detector

    Well, isn’t my actual first. I have a nugget detector, but I need a new one. I’m looking for a big boy detector, not a beginner one. I’m going to be trained by some local clubs up here. I need one that’s good with gold and old mining relics and whatnot. I’m usually searching in worked over...
  16. Preferred hunt’n shoe!

    Looking for some new kicks for this summer’s adventures. What do you guys wear? I usually run some Adidas hiking shoes, but this summer I’m going to be going a little harder, lots of rough Alaskan terrain, water, mud, snow, etc.
  17. Professional hunters: how do you make money?

    For the professional treasure hunters that do it full time, how do you make your money? Is there a way to live off treasure hunting? Can it be a stable job or is it hit or miss for days, weeks, months?
  18. "Cabin" plot on TOPO maps

    So I'm trying to find some exact cabin locations from some topo maps. Any ideas on how I could find the exact locations? How puts these markers on topo maps? USGS when they're doing surveys? I have some maps from 100 years ago that have the cabins marked. How accurate are they from back then...
  19. What is a "cache" considered?

    So I've been doing some digging. (No pun intended) Trying to find out what a cache is considered. Basically, if a miner 100 years ago pulled some gold out of the ground, put it in a little tin can, then buried it and stuck it in a that still considered the same as mineral rights...
  20. Anyone good with business plans?

    Is anyone out there good with business plans pertaining to treasure hunting? Looking to start up a crew and will need financial backing for a few projects, so that’s where the business plan comes into play. Anyone willing to help me out a bit? Thanks!