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  1. South FL beach Re-nourishment

    I agree. It's just funny that people can post pictures of rocks and believe they're dragons and its fine, but dont believe FWC propaganda and everyone gets their panties in a wad.
  2. South FL beach Re-nourishment

    Those were dugong, not West Indian manatees.
  3. South FL beach Re-nourishment

    Yep. They migrate. They've been seen as far north as Massachusetts in the summer. Does that make them native to there?
  4. South FL beach Re-nourishment

    That is what the current narrative is, because Manatees have become a big tourist draw especially in places like Crystal River, just nort of me where they survive due to the discharge from the power plant.
  5. South FL beach Re-nourishment

    Well, manatees are an invasive species here in Florida....
  6. 1st gold of 2022

    I lived in Honduras for about 8 years and drank the heck out of it. Glad to be able to get it here in FL now.
  7. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Small Aluminum Tag ID?

    You're probably right. When I searched that number Lauson 4-cycle engine came up.
  8. "Possible" 1715 fleet or older mystery artifact found on the beach

    Could it be a bearing? It kinda looks like there are ball bearings around it...
  9. 10th Annual Treasure Hunter's Cookout

    Looks like that's from 2018....
  10. Another one bites the dust !!

    I've had to send the AT Pro in for intrusion and it's never been deeper than 4 feet. Based on your results, I may have to invest in a EQX!
  11. Ring Found

    Nice ring!
  12. This must be my Month for strange Things Worms in Books HELP PLEASE ~~

    Strange that my comment posted three times and won't delete....