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  1. DIY powered haulage

    Unfortunately, there is no cheap or easy way out of this one. For as long as I have been looking at this and kicking around different ideas, it all comes back to something having to be purpose built for this using different aspects from amny different areas. Best idea I have come up with so...
  2. Awfully quiet lately...

    Not 100% sure on the specific gravity but it is being fed between 1/8"- down to 50 mesh. We still need to do more testing to get the plant tuned to the ore. Recovering some pretty damn fine gold as well. Should be getting up there again soon.
  3. Electrowinning

    This might work. 12 volt at 40 amps. Need to feed it through a DC to DC Buck converter to covert to 5 volt at 40 amps...
  4. Electrowinning

    I'm getting better and better each day. Gonna take awhile to rebuild some endurance though. I'll be okay a little while. So in digging into this and through my "junk pile" I ran across an old ATX computer power supply that puts out 5 volts at 26 amps. By the math, that is enough for...
  5. Gold rush Expeditions . Any input?

    Yep. I know a few people who want to have a "friendly chat" with Corey next time they see him.
  6. Electrowinning

    Haven't messed with this much as the docs thought I had a full blown heart attack on June 14. Just concentrating on getting healthy right now. The docs are still not 100% sure what happened. This will work from conversations with my brother but would be kinda hard to control. And with further...
  7. Awfully quiet lately...

    Yep, it's up and running and going through it's final shakedown runs. Works pretty good too. I am probably gonna have to eat my words over the LNW bowl, which I will happily do if it works this well on production runs.
  8. Electrowinning

    I've been kicking an idea on this around amd finally got a chance to sit down and talk to my little brother about it. He's s the sparky so he should know. So everyone has probably seen the videos on Boobtube about rewinding microwave oven transformers. Well, it pretty much works the same...
  9. Keene RC46 testimonials

    I honestly think the Keene RC46 is way overpriced for what it is but there are few options out there. From what inhave seen, it works great in some ores but not so good in others. Your average mesh is going to depend upon how much wear is on the machine.
  10. Ball mill price

    Best thing to do is post a few pics here and we could figure out a price.
  11. Why I hate doing business with AMERICAN companies

    About the only big purchase I'm gonna make in the near future is a Bridgeport. Then I can do this stuff myself. Plus with a lathe and a Bridgeport, I can keep food on the table if if comes to that.
  12. Why I hate doing business with AMERICAN companies

    I can have a 2 foot piece of 3 inch 4140 alloy round stock delivered to more door for $325. The cheapest price i got for just the material for a shaft was just over $500 and this was for a piece 18" long. That didn't include the machining which any second year apprentice should be able to set up...
  13. Why I hate doing business with AMERICAN companies

    Part of it may be i'm just really irritable right now due to working 70 hours a week. Most people had their hours cut because of COVID but mine increased to cover those who are out sick. The crusher was planned to be open source for everyone. It won't be hard to build with basic tools and...
  14. Why I hate doing business with AMERICAN companies

    So I have the design of a jaw crusher finalized amdni called a few companies for parts I can't make yet such as manganese jaw plates and cheek plates. These are a very simple design and should be easy to make. Here it is two weeks later amd i have got nothing but excuses and stupidly high...
  15. A little more for the small operator.

    I might be able to help you out with that core drill. Been awhile since I ran one but it should come back to me.
  16. A little more for the small operator.

    When I have time, I don't have the money and visa versa. With copper jumping in price, we are starting to spool back up. Hopefully soon though.
  17. A little more for the small operator.

    With battery power, you have to keep in mind lithium ion batteries. Edit: just grabbed one of Ebay as an example. Should be plenty for a day's use underground. Pack should be be easily reconfigured to fit available area. Frame on those Pugs is only 12 gauge. I know where one is at, it's...
  18. A little more for the small operator.

    Check this out. Battery power wouldn't be hard.
  19. A little more for the small operator.

    Yea I'd love a 911B and a Young buggy or two. Problem is the fact that it is very rare to find anything that isn't an overpriced pile of clapped out scrap metal that someone thinks is worth top dollar because of gold prices. I know where quite a bit of stuff is sitting rusting away because...
  20. US District Court upholds miner's right to explore

    I will respectfully disagree here Clay. As they upheld a "rught" not a priviledge. So as a " right" no permitting scheme can be put in place. So it will need to be fought in court all the way to the top In the meantime, tell Cali to suck sand. Pun intended.