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  1. Possible artifact?

    Hello everyone. I was out fossil hunting in a creek in North Texas and just so happened to see this barely poking out of the dirt. In wondering if it some sort of native American effigy? Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. T-Net I-Phone App Question Please

    99.9% of our members are without a doubt more computer literate than I am. That being said I am curious if the App version is ever going to be updated to include more of the full site's features such as marking a thread solved or the ignore option? If these are already an option on the app...
  3. Help Please

    Hey everyone. I was cleaning some of my past dump finds from an old farm and came across these 2. I thought they looked cool so I spent about 3 hours doing my best researching them. I was only able to narrow them down to around 10 different companies (IMHO) so I would love to hear anyone's...
  4. First ever dug pre ABM bottle

    I've had a very unusually slow and stress free night at work and I've already been blowing up T-Net with posts but I have another one to start up. I was curious who all still has and can post their first ever pre ABM bottle find. Here's mine and it still happens to be one of my favorites...
  5. Long time CRHers

    This has probably been asked before but oh well. For all you folks a little older, how long did it take after 1964 before it started to get uncommon to find silver. I'm just talking dimes and quarters. I was just curious how fast everyone hoarded it or if most people even thought to?
  6. T-Net iphone app problems

    Hi all. Was just wondering if anyone else has problems viewing pics on their iPhone. On mine, the picture will pop up and then all of a sudden my screen freezes and the app shuts itself down. It is the newest version of the app and no other app on my phone messes up so I have no clue. Any...
  7. PMD or???

    I found this dime today and was wondering about it. I usually only look for silver so I have absolutely no knowledge of any errors. The raised rim is completely missing only on the obverse and some of the lettering is cut off. I know they are crap pics and I apologize but my iPhone is all I...
  8. Mothers Day

    Mother's Day Just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there. I hope y'all have a great day!
  9. Little help please guys and gal

    Found this while bottle digging. It was in with early 20th century finds. It's very light and glass like and it may be just that. I do know its not coal. Maybe graphite? Anyway, y'all are always great at this so thanks in advance. I know it's probably nothing but I'm completely...
  10. Possible new way to get halves

    I just found out the salvage yards always keep halves on hand. I don't know if they would sale them but I'm gonna take some scrap metal in and see if they will pay me in all halves. Just a thought for y'all.
  11. Accidental teller tray

    Wen to my bank to conduct some normal business. I had other things on my mind so I was thinking about CRH until I saw these. Snatched them up and he was thrilled to be rid of them. HH everyone
  12. Good deal/Bad deal

    I just got an offer from a store for 15 times face value. I just wanted y'all's input if this is a pretty good deal or to stay away from it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.
  13. 1919 Merc

    Are there any 1919 Mercs that are semi rare. I came across one CRH. Some places say they are. Others don't. Thanks everyone.
  14. Edge Checkers

    What would y'all make of the 4th one from the left if you were just edge checking?
  15. 3 Loomis Boxes

    Box #1: Skunk Box #2: Skunk Box #3: 1963 D Rosie Reject Tray: 1978 Canadian Dime 1999 Canadian Dime 2006 Canadian Dime 2001 Elizabeth II Canadian Dime 1966 Greece 50 Lepta Coin (No silver but pretty cool looking)
  16. Four More Dime Boxes

    All Loomis. 2 of them packed back in 2011. Box 1: Skunk Box 2: 1946 D Rosie Box 3: Skunk Box 4: 1959 D Rosie, 1962 D Rosie, 1964 Rosie All the silver came from the older 2 boxes. And then I have these 2. I assume post mint damage??? And then the worst looking Cent ever.
  17. Grading Help

    So what do y'all think. Found it in a roll of dimes. Maybe a proof :) :) :)
  18. Another Great Dime Day

    Teller Handouts: 1946 Rosie 1947 D Rosie 1964 D Rosie Four Loomis Boxes: 1948 D Rosie 1954 Rosie 1957 D Rosie 1959 D Rosie 1961 D Rosie 1964 D Rosie 1973 Cinco Centavos
  19. Dimes and Dimes

    Got four more boxes today. I asked if they had any old ones. They had two that were packed in early 2011. Might up my odds a bit. Will update soon. HH
  20. Halves and Dimes

    I just managed a grand in halves today and 1200.00 in dimes. I'm almost home and I can't wait. I will update ASAP. HH and thanks for following my finds.