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  1. Beautiful Swiss coin (.835 Silver)

    As I strode through the store, I decided to swing buy the Coin Star machine and plucked out a 1944 wheat penny and a modern zinc penny. Not too shabby... On the way out of the store I noticed a young lady dumping a pickle jar full of coins int the Coin Star machine. I made my move after she...
  2. First big silver at a swimming hole!

    I finally decided to hunt a swimming hole. Lots of clad and the usual pull tabs and bottle caps for the first half hour. I was swinging along a high bank above the big pool and got a solid 34 on the Nox. One deep scoop from my piranha shovel revealed this beauty. I was so excited I texted my...
  3. Dainty and CHUNKY Silver!

    Nothing spectacular about this hunt other than it was fast and furious! The Nike chunk rang up at 29, thought it was a quarter!
  4. Beautiful GW

    The Nox 6” coil sniffed this one out of a local park.
  5. I was not expecting this!

    I got sat down this weekend... I was stunned! This seated dime has to be one of the first US coins to have been lost in my state and I’m sure it’s owner was a US soldier. This 1852 silver dime dates the time when US soldiers first began building forts in the newly acquired New Mexico...
  6. Massive Silver Ring!

    For some subconscious reason I woke up at 2:00 am last night and started thinking about metal detecting. My mind told me to hit a certain park first thing in the morning. Funny how that **** works... So I get up in the morning and make the wife and I a cup of coffee and head straight to the...

    I was planning to go fishing yesterday, but the weather didn’t cooperate. I had to turn around and head back to town. Since the weather was nicer in town I decided to hit some tot lots and try for some jewelry. Well, it worked out pretty good, but I just couldn’t find any solid gold, or silver...
  8. Love them high tones!

    I had a good feeling about this hunt. I’d told JimmyZZZ I was going for some jewelry. I was hunting a little spot where I found a gorgeous sterling and topaz ring a few weeks ago. So I’m going low and slow, digging a lot of gold type IDs, but no luck. I swing by an old pinion tree and get a...
  9. Sterling an Topaz Delight

    Sterling and Topaz Delight Went for a short hunt the morning of Memorial Day and found one of the prettiest rings I’ve ever found. I was using the 6” coil on the 800, just sniping around when I got a scratchy 27-28. I see a shiny ring in the dirt clod and I’m thinking junker...maybe not cuz...
  10. Double Locket Day!

    I decided to put the 6” coil to the test at a super trashy site this morning. I’ve hunted it pretty hard with the Equinox, so this was a solid test. Once again I was rewarded with some great relics in places I’d already hit several time. Thanks for looking!
  11. Amazing Navajo Storyteller Ring

    I went to the closest park to home just to try some different settings on the Nox. Got a sweet 28-29 TID and thought...this could be good. And it was a ring! It looked unusual, and I could make out Sterling and it had a a makers mark. Well, it’s an amazing piece of Navajo jewelry. It is a gold...
  12. A sweet old military button

    I went on a great road trip last week to hunt with a couple of my Tnet buddies. Jimmy was gracious enough to invite me along to his killer permission at an old abandoned fort. We all found some awesome military relics. This button was my best find. The best I could date it is pre-Civil War...
  13. Need help from the button experts on this one. It was found at an 1850’s site. It’s

    It's a 1-piece with possible gold gilt. It's 13.6 mm in diameter. Any assistance with helping get a positive ID is greatly appreciated.ATB!
  14. Help with a 5 Dolls coin.

    A friend inherited this coin. Anyone know if it’s of any value? Any help is appreciated.
  15. My first US military button!

    Old man winter has finally let up enough for the snow to melt and soil to thaw. I’d been chomping at the bit to test my new 6” coil in an old dump site. I was shocked to find this old button! I can’t wait to see what else I’ll find! Thanks for looking!
  16. Gopher Buttons

    I went back to the old park to see if the Nox could sniff something good out of the old burn pit section. Sure enough, these two US Indian Service buttons were down in some gopher tunnels. Thanks for looking!
  17. New User Name for me

    Thought I'd let anyone who cares know that I changed my User Name from Cibolero to MrBlueSkyNM. I made this change to coincide with my various social media accounts. Happy hunting my friends! --Darren
  18. Possibly a Vintage Chauffeurs Badge/License and Harmonica Reed???

    I’ve been detecting in some really trashy areas lately and I’m getting some interesting relics with my Equinox 800. Can anybody help with the IDs? From what I can find online, the Chauffeur Badges in NM don’t go back to the early 1930’s. I’m thinking it’s a metal Taxi license which predates the...
  19. 14K with Ice

    Went for a stroll at the ball field this morning and found a beautiful woman’s wristwatch. My wife found the 14K mark indicating the bezel is 14K. The diamonds test as the real deal too! It’s going to the repair shop for an evaluation. Thanks for looking! GL&HH!
  20. Found a little beauty this morning!

    I was pretty happy just finding a 1950 wheatie, when the Nox gave me a solid 23-24 ID. That’s different. Out pops a silver ring with either a garnet, or a ruby. My wife gets this one! Thanks for looking, GL&HH!