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  1. 3 pieces of gold and 2 silvers in 3 days!

    Congrats nice streak
  2. 1834 half dollar

    Super nice
  3. Tot-Lot finds

    Tot-lot finds this weekend 2 rings 1 is 14k 2 hot wheels and some coins With Simplex+ Second time out.
  4. 1875 Seated Liberty Half Dollar

    Great finds
  5. 2 days, 21 early American copper coins!

    Congrats what a wonderful bunch of fnds
  6. My Nokta Makro Legend Rant

    Well said. Saving to buy one
  7. Anyone near Savannah?

    Getting back into hunting just moved to Savannah in Dec Also there is a club Costal empire
  8. Sand Scoop Question

    Reilly’s is the place
  9. This is just crazy amount of Spanish gold!

    My Girlfriend watched it with me I thank she got a little bit by the bug
  10. Been mostly out of action

    Casper hang in there. Were you the one that wrote the book on the CZ21?

    She was lucky you were there
  12. MASSIVE 6 OZ GOLD CHAIN***$$$6,000+

    That is a hunk of gold congratulations
  13. 10th Annual Treasure Hunter's Cookout

    Is the cookout open to anyone
  14. Back again Detector suggestions

    I am finally back healthy enough to get out and detect had a liver transplant transplant in June moved to Savannah Ga in Dec. and the only Detector I own is a Fisher CZ21 which is great for the beach but heavy for land hunting. Looking at different options wanting to do more all around type...
  15. Local soccer field finds :)

    Very nice finds
  16. Galveston Bay

    There or Some shipwrecks of Spanish origin off of Galveston and about 30 miles away but Texas has terrible laws about salvage work I do know of some Diving done off of McFadden beach in the Port Arthur area done about 20 plus years ago all hush hush like
  17. JAMAICA : where is Morgan's Treasure ?

    I doubt he left much Morgan had a family and was very wealthy and didn’t try to hide it
  18. Herman Ludtke

    Might be worth some time and researching if your in the area
  19. Some of my best finds, oldest finds, finds I like best when I was posting on TN

    I just read this wonderful finds. I wil,pray for you and thanks for sharing