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  1. How deep do you typically dig?

    In your app store, type in on-x hunt, it's a red icon with a white x. It's a hunting app originally, but works great for metal detecting. I pay the yearly subscription (somewhere around $30), it shows property lines, owners of said property, and tracks you. You can download a section of the map...
  2. Ugly but silver

    I feel like that is a good conversation piece, though. Pretty cool!
  3. How deep do you typically dig?

    Depth never crosses my mind, if i get a good signal, i'm digging it... i dig a lot of the same sites, if i was ruining the ground i would see it, and switch up my plug cutting method. Haven't had that happen yet. I use the on-x hunting app tracker, and try to hit everything thoroughly. Then i...
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Decipher this name

    John Crary is what i see.

    I thought the deus was just drunk this afternoon... explains a lot. Thanks!
  6. An Appeal to TreasureNet Sponsors!

    Do you text message through the number on the business card you have posted above?
  7. Knife blade

    $165 value, seems valuable to me... good find! I'd be stoked, especially after knowing they are replacing the handle/knife.
  8. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Help identifying this ancient silver coins

    Have you tried the coinoscope app? Works pretty good for me, check it out. Might help.
  9. ✅ SOLVED Mezcal Hand Grenades?

    They remind me of fire suppression grenades.
  10. MOST dangerous Situations you have been in while Detecting

    This guy caught me by surprise one morning, no one around, could have been a bad day. There a couple places i won't hunt alone after that... this is one of them. Found this ring that same day.
  11. Nokta Makro Legend

    Craig Talley from the Hardcore Metal detecting podcast just posted 1 hr ago on youtube that they will be shipping next week. Not sure how true, or where he got the info... time will tell.
  12. Beach detecting vs relic detecting

    I do both, beach mostly on the weekend's. Relic, and coin hunting on the week days on way home from work. Love it all, though...
  13. Any ideas?

    Maybe a candle snuffer?