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  1. Starting tomorrow

    Starting tomorrow, hindsight will be 2020
  2. Stocking Clad

    This is the week they stock clad for the MD'ers in our little town of two thousand. It started friday when every other house had yardsales. Carnival is at the memorial park all week. Tuesday will be a parade that usually lasts about 3 hours. Fireworks on Wednesday and Saturday. Little League...
  3. A treasure hunters nightmare girlfriend ....

    .... has a sunken chest and no booty!
  4. Anybody wanna donate their clad? Need $34k in an hour

    Party is in the burgh tonight!
  5. 150 yr old metal detector finds gold 100 deep

    150 yr old metal detector finds gold 100' deep Was flipping thru the channels last night. Holy heck, there was Hoss Cartwright metal detecting for gold! He was hooked up to this contraption: He found gold that was 100 ft deep! I wonder where I can get one of those? What do you think Keith...
  6. The coffee table/display case I just finished

    Two things. First I want to apologize for the poor pics. Taken with my tablet on this dreary day. Second. I tried to post this earlier, but this darn tablet wont let me post all the pics at one time. So it looks like I will have to make several posts to show all the pics. Sorry. Its made from...
  7. I wanna smash my tablet

    I tried to make a post a little while ago on my tablet. I've been using it for the last couple years instead of my outdated pc. Haven't had many problems posting or adding the occasional pic. Always have the fat finger problem with the touch screen. So today when I would upload my pics they were...
  8. Natures treasure

    Do any of you hunt for natures treasures? I hunt for Morels, Ginseng, Red and Black Rasberries, Huckleberries, Ramps, Wild Asparagus, Hickory Nuts, Black Walnuts, Sassafras Root, and Wild Trout (which I never keep)
  9. A great tip

    Im a contractor and do alot of building and remodeling. Ocassionally homeowners will give me a tip, or buy lunch for the guys and I. Cool. Last week I did a job for a friend, I was grateful for the work because it was inside, and the temps outside were below freezing. Heck they were below 0. So...
  10. Can you tell me anything about these vintage detectors?

    I went to preview the stuff at an upcoming estate auction and seen these. They are from before my metal detecting era. Was just curious about them. Thanx in advance for any info
  11. Moved threads ???

    Why were all the threads moved? To obscure forums? Posts that had been here as long as 6 months, with a thousand replies and 18 thousand views were suddenly determined to be in the wrong forum? Go figure. Bunched panties? Power trip? Mood swings?
  12. Arms full of treasure

    Not much going on here at home tonight. Not much on TV. Maybe I'll drive in town, break some store windows, and do some looting. Seems like the thing to do. Arms full of treasure !!!
  13. Gold certificates

    I was wondering what the general value of a U.S. gold certificate might be. Yesterday, I was talking to my cousin who was cleaning out his moms house for an estate auction. I was interested in a few things she had, but the kids kept those few things. I asked if she had any old coins. He said not...
  14. Nice find thanks for sharing

    Nice find thanks for sharing
  15. Pirates in Pennsylvania???

    Your darn right, and playing good baseball I might add. Here in west central Pa there are Pirates, Penguins, Stillers, Panthers, Nittany Lions, and all kinds of great sports. Bet yinz guys wish you lived in a sports mecca like west central Pa
  16. I wanna clean glass in a home made tumbler

    Does anybody tumble jars or bottles to clean them? I clean all my dug coins and artifacts in a rotary tumbler. It does an excellant job. I use walnut shell and corn cob for my media. Id like to try to build a tumbler to do this with bottles and jars. Im thinking ...a drywall bucket ...on some...
  17. Boonsboro Maryland

    Anybody here familiar with or hunt the Boonsboro Maryland area?
  18. Chinese boat detects pulse signai

    CNN is reporting that a chinese boat detected a pulse signal. I have a picture in my mind... of a chinese junk(that's a boat) dragging chinese junk(that's a harbor freight detector) with a rope (that's also chinese junk)
  19. George, after riding in my pocket for 6 yrs.

    Been carrying George in my pocket since he came out like 6 yrs ago. The lettering is mostly gone on the obverse. The back held up much better, and the lettering on the edge has held up fairly well. Sorry the pic is sideways and that I didn't post a pic of the reverse or the edge.
  20. I will give them a little credit ...

    Im sorry, but this is another 'Diggers' thread. I had seen the first couple episodes when it was first televised, but I pretty much gave up on it because of all the dumb stuff. Just by dumb luck I ran across a couple new episodes last evening, while I was surfing the guide, so I watched them...