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  1. Surface find

    Victorian pencil head
  2. Surface find

    Victorian pencil head
  3. Heel plate?

    Can't find the same one. I think it is brass.
  4. New atpro

    Has anyone herd when the new atpro is going to be released?
  5. Cadillac dealer sign

    Does anyone know how to find out what it is worth?
  6. Make changes to my profile

    I just notice that my profile shows that I female. I am not! How do I change this?
  7. found my first button. Need some help with ID

    I was in Kentucky this week. I had some time to do some digging. This is what I found. I need some help with the button ID. I also have a what's it it has numbers on it. YC K1656.
  8. I dug up a plane

    Well a toy plane. I know someone here can tell me what it is. Thanks for looking.
  9. Not a four leaf clover

    Found this by eye goming out of the hotel bar tonight. It does not stick to my magnetic. Feels heavy looks like silver:-)
  10. found my first gold coin sort of

    Got to a rummage sale and asked if she had any coins. She had this.
  11. My red potato from Idaho

    New to rock hounding. Mostly do metal detecting. But I found this while diging a penny signal in Idaho falls this week. Don't know what it is but if anyone thinks that they know ? Would like to here about it.
  12. Found two silver in the same hole

    Took the eight year old niece to the park yesterday and dug some clad. She got board and went to the swings with the wife and dog. So I took the opportunity to wander off an walk the curb line. Thought that there would be the place where someone from the forty might be walking around swinging a...
  13. Found my first barber thank to ohiodigger

    Working in Ohio this week and got a chance to do some digging with Ohiodigger. We met here on tnet last year when I found my walker. He took me to a park near him and told me about someone with a etrac I thought o well maybe some clad. Boy was I wrong. First hole was a barber. Were we ever...
  14. Found by eye

    Found this by eye on floor at Edmonton airport. Sound like silver when I drop it on the table. Could it be?
  15. Found this today for a dollar

    Has any one seen one of these? Any idea of it value it is not silver . I thought I better sensor it ,and the glass for it I was told was blue but got broken. The woman told that her husband bought it back from the war.
  16. This big tree stump was calling my name

    This is what I found by it