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  1. Vending machine at work. Silver dime.

    Scored a 1964 dime from one of the 8 machines we have at work. Kind of a spotted cow variety. I check them at both breaks, today was the 930 one that was successful. Yesterday I got 2 quarters from the coffee machine, which is strange because it has a free option so thats what most usually get.
  2. I shall call him.... Mini Me

    First time using the Equinox 6 inch coil was today. As well as the first time out in 2022. My plan was to test the coil at a playground to get under the equipment but it was full of kids so I had to go to the baseball field. Found about 10 coins and tons of tabs and caps. Saved by the 925...
  3. Not my best handful

    I'll take it. Roughly 1.75 in change. 1 1963 dime, and a cheap lotto ticket at the same place yielded $10. I often joke about the gamblers for missing the coins but today I did them proud.
  4. 1950 D Quarter

    Compliments of my lucky machine. 1950 quarter. While the gamblers were focused on the lottery machine three feet away I take the easy stuff! Clad 1 quarter, 2 dimes, 1 penny.
  5. Managed a silver quarter in the rain

    First time to this park. From early aerials it looks nearly identical to what is there today. Maybe 5 inches from the playground area border i got the quarter. 2 or 3 inches deep so it was almost too easy. I can tell its been there a long time and not just some recent drop. Got maybe 3 to 5...
  6. A Lincoln and small jewelry

    Today's check: 1 penny 1/20 14k piece of jewelry. Very small but unique find in terms of coinstar. Technically on the ground but it was right in front of the bottom of the machine. Always look down! The penny was in the normal reject return.
  7. Several 1964 quarters today.

    Went to the store for toothpaste. Someone was at the machine when I entered so I couldn't check the machine right away. Checked out and could see a loaded reject tray. Grabbed 9 silver quarters and a dime. Also a Spanish 1 cent I dont know what they are called but its tiny. Store will be...
  8. 08 Silver Eagle from local park.

    Found my first silver coin of the year. In a ditch at the bottom of a small hill near a ball field. About two inches deep saw the plastic and shiny back of the coin. The coin looks great, just the holder is dirty. Lucky for me it was in a holder. The 3 other dollar coins were found Friday...
  9. Some bike rack clad

    A truly bizarre mix found in the grass between the bike rack and sidewalk. Kennedy, sacajawea dollar, Susan b dollars, and presidential dollar. The area searched was about 4 feet by 10 patch of grass.
  10. The cheese stands alone

    Some finds from a local ballfield over 45 minutes. First chuck e cheese token found and first sacajawea dollar both in the same hole.
  11. A dime as a bonus

    My first coinstar silver, compliments of the machine at the grocery store. I saw a handful of coins in the reject tray and the dime was on top of the pile. Also a uk penny which is my first from a machine. I've only started checking within the last year so hopefully more to come.