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  1. Tot-Lot finds

    Tot-lot finds this weekend 2 rings 1 is 14k 2 hot wheels and some coins With Simplex+ Second time out.
  2. Back again Detector suggestions

    I am finally back healthy enough to get out and detect had a liver transplant transplant in June moved to Savannah Ga in Dec. and the only Detector I own is a Fisher CZ21 which is great for the beach but heavy for land hunting. Looking at different options wanting to do more all around type...
  3. This is small request my story a transplant story

    I don?t post very much the last couple years been dealing with life. I have been sick and June 4 I was blessed by someone that I didn?t know and his or her amazing gift to me and 4 other people. I received a liver from this person and now I have a new lease on life and am waiting to get back to...
  4. Coil covers on 1280 and cz21

    I purchased the 8” coil cover for both neither seem to fit who uses the coil cover who doesn’t.
  5. Hello from Lubbock Tx

    Got out of the hobby looking to get back into it. Also praying to move back near the coast.