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  1. Garrett has released new pulse induction detector called the Axiom.
  2. Video showing new WSA style headphones

  3. Version 0.71 available.

    Ws6 stays paired after update. Custom programs remain intact it seems.
  4. Deus 2 version .7 available
  5. Legend version update 1.07 is available
  6. Legend update 1.06 is available (dated 4-08-2022)
  7. Deus 2 silent Emi demo

    Users should be depending on freq scan feature. Rather than manually selecting channel based on quietness.
  8. Anyone here have Deus 2 and a Anderson shaft that was made originally for Deus 1 ?

    If so, be curious to how Deus 2 remote fits on rod.
  9. EQuinox battery change instructions - Minelab link