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  1. Old Gold Ingot??

    This is shaped an awfully lot like an ingot. I believe I see an assayer stamp that is ofcourse so old it can barely be made out. I believe it says 1422 and alot of other numbers and names.
  2. Please help me identify my specimen from Washington (Snohomish county)

    120 lb specimen There is little pits or caves all over the rock that appears to be oily looking clear sparkly crystal like stones growing in them. But is bluish green translucent veins. The rock is very translucent when a flashlight is held to it.
  3. Snohomish county find

    this is a small piece off of the big rock itself. The large rock have tiny pits or caves all over it with what appears to be clear stones that are oily looking. It is a translucent rock. If a flashlight is held to it it shines through. The rock itself is 120 lb specimen. Please help me identify...