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  1. Bill and Linda's Site Archive - Land Matters

    Thank you Arizau - Land Matters - and especially Bill and Linda. Great info on that site - helped me build my first drywasher. Cheers Mike
  2. Drywasher Failure Today

    How often are you cleaning out? could be a backup of black sand or other heavies. I usually clean out after about 15 gallons - depending on ground I'm working. Cheers Mike
  3. What if I had 24k pure raw gold?

    Let me welcome you to the forum - I like your screen name. Did you produce the video boats and hoes. Cheers Mike
  4. Cool find at estate sale a furnace

    Update Fixed the cord plugged it on low in got hot - three setting low, med, high. However the gauge did not work - so apart it comes Found the problem a very fine wire had come loose so I soldered it back in place. Powered it up and everything works no breakers tripped. Now comes the...
  5. Cool find at estate sale a furnace

    Had to buy it at $5.00 bucks Its marked WESGO Type 12 120 Volts serial # 275 Max Watts 550 WESTERN GOLD & PLATINUM WORKS San Francisco Calif Power cord needs some fixin - I'm thinking it may be wrapped in asbestos ? Gloves n95 will be used. Going to fix cord and see if it works or trips a...
  6. NEW BEE Here lol.. with a million questions..

    Here's a question for you -- How do you know if someone has not already located this spot with a stake in the ground and filed with the county recorder - once that's done he or she has 90 days to file with the BLM. I'm no expert but I think you need to put your boots on. Cheers Mike
  7. 1965 Mining journal

    Cool find at an estate sale. Looks like we had some of the same problems then as we do now. Inflation - corruption - immorality - socialism Cheers Mike
  8. STRAIGHT FROM THE VEIN! Simple Gold Recovery and Smelting

    Beats the hell out of the Frozen Gold show maybe you should hook up with the weather channel. Thanks for sharing. Mike
  9. Claim Markers & Tobacco Tins

    Nice collection. i have only found one - it was a Prince Albert. The old phone prank was to call a store and ask if they had Prince Albert in a can. If they said yes -- you would say then let him out :laughing7: Cheers Mike
  10. California ban on small gasoline engines

    So you won't be able to buy a generator for all the power shut offs ?? I'm a big fan of solar but this is just ridiculous. Think I will go buy that Honda generator I have wanted for a long time. Cheers Mike
  11. California ban on small gasoline engines

    It did not ban them - just can't sell um This is going to really hurt repair shops & hardware stores. Buy now as it goes into effect Jan 2024. It's hard for me to hold back my political opinion on this but I Will adhere to the forum rules. Cheers Mike
  12. Family dies in Mariposa county due to possible mineshaft gasses

    Link to CDC Harmful Algal Bloom Info. I don't see a time line on death for people -- Dog's seems like it can happen fast
  13. I found a awesome specimen!!

    Here is a pic of the gold from estate sale for $5.00 bucks. It was exciting but not as much as pulling it out of the ground. Don't know the history of where it was found. Cheers Mike
  14. Family dies in Mariposa county due to possible mineshaft gasses

    Pot growers ? Skin walkers ? Aliens ? Looking forward to the toxicology report.
  15. I found a awesome specimen!!

    I did the same thing at an estate sale -- but I paid $5.00 bucks Maybe I'll post a pic tomorrow. Cheers Mike
  16. National forest closed.

    USDA Forest Service Temporarily Closing All California National Forests for Public Safety 8/31/2021
  17. Gold on Mars!

    Ok --- which one of you guys got the samples
  18. Sluicing or high banking in the desert without a dry washer

    I don't like your way of thinking it would be stealing. I don't like thieves. If you steal less than $950 In California it's a misdemeanor and you out on the streets or desert the next day. There's no accountability and leads to career criminals. I don't have the answers but would be in favor of...
  19. Zipline to send paydirt downhill

    How long of a distance are we talking - I have a spot with the same problem and have been using 2 - two gallon buckets but only walking about 40 feet. Was thinking of using a chute of corrugated tin roofing to get it to the drywasher. Saving that idea for a day when a friend want's to put in a...
  20. IS THIS GOLD ????!!

    Bottom Pic looks like 5 garnets and one gold nugget. Cheers:icon_thumright: