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  1. Two Civil War Plates - Absolutely my best metal detecting day EVER

    Amazing finds! Congrats! [emoji122]
  2. Cleaned up Union Officers Infantry Coat Button

    That’s a beauty! Tons of gilt on that one. Congrats!
  3. Seated Silvers, a PISTOL and a Rare Railroad Lock!

    Holy smokes! What a hunt! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Beautiful Swiss coin (.835 Silver)

    Thanks! Yes, gotta go 🥷 in public. [emoji23]🏴*☠️🏴*☠️🏴*☠️
  5. Beautiful Swiss coin (.835 Silver)

    I get a lot of foreign coins too. I like researching foreign coins. This is my first foreign silver coin. It’s a millimeter or so smaller than a US quarter. Weight is 5 grams. GL&HH
  6. Beautiful Swiss coin (.835 Silver)

    As I strode through the store, I decided to swing buy the Coin Star machine and plucked out a 1944 wheat penny and a modern zinc penny. Not too shabby... On the way out of the store I noticed a young lady dumping a pickle jar full of coins int the Coin Star machine. I made my move after she...
  7. 🥇 BANNER Still Shaking! Found a few Morgan Silver Dollars

    Dang! That’s what treasure hunting is all about! Congratulations! 🏴*☠️🏴*☠️🏴*☠️
  8. Kicking off the new year with big silvers and some gold to boot :)

    Great finds Dan! Congrats! 🏴*☠️
  9. First big silver at a swimming hole!

    I finally decided to hunt a swimming hole. Lots of clad and the usual pull tabs and bottle caps for the first half hour. I was swinging along a high bank above the big pool and got a solid 34 on the Nox. One deep scoop from my piranha shovel revealed this beauty. I was so excited I texted my...
  10. Some Silver and Clad

    Hey! That’s awesome! Glad you scored some sweet silver! It as nice meeting you! ATB, GL&HH!
  11. Back to my old fort premission

    Way to go Jimmy! What a beauty! [emoji123]🏼
  12. Dainty and CHUNKY Silver!

    Nothing spectacular about this hunt other than it was fast and furious! The Nike chunk rang up at 29, thought it was a quarter!
  13. Beautiful GW

    I like it a lot and I highly recommend it. It’s perfect for getting under and in tight against bushes and such. Target separation is outstanding, I pulled this GW from under a big shade tree I had already hunted with the standard coil.
  14. Beautiful GW

    The Nox 6” coil sniffed this one out of a local park.
  15. I was not expecting this!

    @cudamark Good point, Spanish Colonial rule was indeed as far back as the 1500’s. However, during this time, trade with foreign countries such as the US was not allowed. When Mexico obtained independence from Spain around 1826 the Mexicans opened trade to foreign countries. That’s around the...
  16. Working on my display

    Sweet! Wish I could have seen this the other day. Maybe next time!
  17. I was not expecting this!

    I got sat down this weekend... I was stunned! This seated dime has to be one of the first US coins to have been lost in my state and I’m sure it’s owner was a US soldier. This 1852 silver dime dates the time when US soldiers first began building forts in the newly acquired New Mexico...
  18. My last New Mexcico hunt.

    Dan, I’m sure glad we got to go on a couple of hunts together! Thanks so much for some great memories. I’m sure you’re going to have some great hunts in TX. Best of luck and be sure to keep in touch!
  19. Sterling in the hole

    Beauty! [emoji109]
  20. Some wheats and a ring!

    Nice! Love me some big Silver! [emoji111]️