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  1. Silver Round 2: A better outcome

    Sweet! Even with the Morgan's being cleaned, it's still a nice haul.
  2. This is VERY UPSETTING 1!1!

    He should have apologized to you and said just a second while I answer this phone, answered the phone and asked them to hold while he finishes checking a customer out.
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Any idea what this rock is?

    You need to include the area that it was found in. Different minerals are found in different areas.
  4. Buying coin "collections"

    I would use the blue book. The blue book shows estimated purchase price and the red book gives estimated sales price. Also knowing condition is everything when it comes to pricing. What ever price that you believe is fair should fall somewhere between the blue and red book values.
  5. Is this an arrowhead???

    Yes, that is an arrowhead. It looks very water worn. Maybe a Poplar Island. One to two thousand years old.
  6. Is it worth paying to get a 'dug' coin graded?

    Some companies will not grade a dug coin. It will come back as authentic with environmental damage. There are only several good trustworthy companies out there that I would trust my coins with. Do some research and make a couple phone calls.
  7. This just might save someone's life

    In Illinois it is illegal to blow your grass clippings onto the roadway but it is ignored by law enforcement until some unlucky biker takes a spill.
  8. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Three pieces of inherited Native American pottery. But more info would be appropriated!!

    Interesting. Try posting in the TreasureNet Indian Artifact group.
  9. ✅ SOLVED Another find I could never id

    Size will help a lot but it resembles a King George III Half Penny to me.
  10. Miller Table

    Are you classifying your cons before running them on your miller table? If you're not, you're loosing fine gold trying to wash out larger pieces of black sand.
  11. ✅ SOLVED Thin silver found years ago

    Looks like part of a date showing. 177?
  12. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED OK guys this is out of my realm house I need a coin guy is it a 1916 or 1917!

    I believe it's a 17 by the way the gown curls up by the foot. Someone more knowledgeable than me will probably know for sure.
  13. 2” dredge

    I have a small clay bottom creek with fair gold for my area running through my property. The clay bottom is exposed in some areas and under no more than 3 feet of gravel in other areas. I have a large highbanker that I plan on converting to a 2 inch dredge. I think several people can shovel the...
  14. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED My son found a rock of two colors…

    It looks like a section of a quartz vein on the host rock. The picture is out of focus so it is hard to identify the host rock which could possibly be Schist, Greenstone, or Dolomite.
  15. I found this near Walnut Creek (Ohio)

    I could be chert/flint. There are several outcroppings of black chert in Ohio. It could also be Cannal Coal ... or something altogether different.
  16. 1909 s indian head but from the ground.

    Not for sure if this is correct but I've always been told that you grade it as a normal circulated coin and then drop it one grade for environmental damage.
  17. 1910 house

    Along any walkways, to the privy, well, clothesline, parking area, etc. Under the clothesline. Dig the privy. Around the porch area. Under shade trees.
  18. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Non-metallic, almost like a small pipe with odd triangle like pattern on top. One end broken off.

    It could be a Fulgurite. A Fulgurite is glass formed by a lightning strike on sand. It is often shaped somewhat like your piece.
  19. People trespassing? on a property? what should i do?

    I got tired of trespassers stealing and causing trouble on my property. Now, no one but family or invited friends are allowed on my property. All others get to talk to the sheriff. You might have seen family or friends that do have permission. What happens on his property should not be your concern.
  20. Form and preform

    Nice finds. The one on the right would have been a nice point, to bad it broke. The one on the left, I would call a preform or quarry blank. I would expect a north blade to have more refinement.