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  1. Safari thoughts everyone please!!

    Ok so I know this is an older unit. I know every body says sell it to buy the equinox.......well I would like to hear you guys honest opinion of the safari compared to say your other unit whatever it is. Ok so if the safari is your number one unit chime in. If it is your back up...
  2. Has anyone compared the original Deus to the nookta legend?

    I was curious if anyone who has the original deus and compared signals with the legend? Would like to know the outcome.
  3. Pulling the trigger on a Deus 2

    I have been giving it much thought and have decided to get the Deus 2. I do not get out to detect as much as I would like currently. I put that into consideration before I made my mind up. While trying to justify a purchase of a unit That cost above 1000.00 for the amount of time I am...
  4. Videos vs written user reviews

    I appreciate all of the time people take in order to make a video and share it for others to gain knowledge. It takes several hours to edit a short 10 minute video. However when I get here on the forum.....I would rather read a review based on someone's experience with a machine and what...
  5. Minelab vanquish vs Minelab Xterra anyone do this yet?

    Has anyone put the vanquish up against the Xterra with a DD coil? Would be curious to know your result. Thanks
  6. Why do you like the orx?

    I am putting this up here to get the thread a jump start. It is way too hot to go out and dig right now for me. SO my detecting habit must turn to the internet forums to keep me occupied. I like the simplicity, the light weight of the unit, the easy to set up and operate. It is a very top...
  7. Do you save your settings or just adjust them on the fly?

    I was saving my settings originally but with that said, I find myself just turning it on and adjusting what I feel like and go from there. Really when the ground conditions are similar where you detect, I do not really see a point in saving my settings. Just seeing what your thoughts are??
  8. Orx sub forum?

    Is there going to be an ORX specific forum?
  9. Doc's equinox control pods cover and arm cuff cover

    I got me a set of Doc's equinox arm cuff and screen covers. Man it is the best quality one i ever had for any name brand machine. Kind of pricey but well worth it. Plus if you do not want to wear headphones his covers have a mesh where the speaker is and you can hear the equinox speaker great...
  10. What happens when I turn off ID normalization??

    How do you search with your deus....if normalization on or off?? What happens to the coin numbers when it is off vs on and everything else like screw caps and such??
  11. Minelab Safari vs Minelab Etrac or Explorer Line Anybody Have Experience with Both??

    I have always been kind of interested in the Safari. I have always been curious about this machine. I know the explorer series and etrac has a somewhat of a large following. So who can chime in and give some thought between a Safari compared to the other Explorer generations machines? I know...
  12. Is it true the CTX users are switching to the Equinox instead??

    I read in a couple of places that a since the Equinox has came out that there has been a switch to the Equinox by those that were using the CTX. I could understand the only reason would be for the weight and portability of the EQ. But I see where people claim the EQ would pick up targets just...
  13. My first metal detecting video with the ORX

    Not a finds video but more of a how to video on dealing with old bottle caps It is short and to the point but maybe someone here can get a little help from it and learn something. Enjoy!!
  14. Who has a test garden and what is in it??

    Just seeing what you guys may have in your test bed. Here is my stuff beaver tail from pop top @ 3" ring from pop top @ 3" square pull tab @ 3" bottle cap @ 3" old shot gun brass @ 3" complete pull tab @ 3" CW eagle cuff button back @ 3" CW small shot from buck and ball @ 5" modern...
  15. Anyone else waiting for their new detecting stuff to arrive??

    Curious to know if any of you are waiting for your new unit or anything else to be sent to you?? I ordered a new Deus remote and it is in limbo somewhere in the USPS postal system. Was coming from TX to me here in TN but got shipped to Iowa instead this past week. So am I the only one??? I...
  16. Anyone using the Deus lite?

    Just checking to see if anyone is using the Deus lite only with out a remote. I see most people use the full set up but I was curious at who just uses the lite set up and how has it been going for you. To me it would be like the ultimate beep and dig unit. What did you use before you got...
  17. 💵 FOR SALE XP Deus with WS4 Phones and Elliptical HF coil 650.00 Shipped

    No longer available Please delete no longer available.
  18. 💵 FOR SALE Jolly Roger Ultimate Headphones $65.00 PP FF option

    Excellent pair of Jolly Roger ultimate headphones. Hardly been used. $65.00 paypal friends and family option. 615 973 2528 if you have any questions.
  19. 💵 FOR SALE Nutall Stainless Beach Scoop $115.00 PP FF Option

    I have a nice never used Nuttall stainless steel scoop. You will have to attach your own handle. It has never been mounted and it includes stainless bolts for your handle as well. It measures from the rear to the tip 12" and the opening is 6" tall by 6-5/8" wide and the holes are 1/2". $115.00...
  20. 💵 FOR SALE Makro Racer 2 Excellent Shape $350.00 PP FF

    Selling my Makro Racer 2 with the everything from the factory and also includes the rain cover for the housing and control box. Low use with 1 year and 9 months left on factory warranty. Still has the factory screen cover on it as well. 615 973 2528 if you have any questions. $350.00 paypal...