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  1. Two unexpected rings today, one silver.

    Thank you. I wish it was a little bigger and i would wear it, but not to be for this one. Many thanks.
  2. Two unexpected rings today, one silver.

    Thank you they do not report in very often.
  3. Two unexpected rings today, one silver.

    Thank you sir. The best friends are the ones that count.
  4. Two unexpected rings today, one silver.

    Hello, This was a good day and only 84 degrees. Anyway at an old 1920 house i found 2 rings. One has infinity symbol and rings up like white gold, but maybe is something less. The other is a small silver ring in nice condition. Kind of an uplifting day. Any comments welcome for me and the...
  5. Roosevelt Dime error

    Thank you very much.
  6. What Alcoholic Beverage Got You So Sick, You NEVER Drank it Again?

    Anything stronger than wine is poisen.
  7. Roosevelt Dime error

    Thank you. Im not a scholar about coin errors, but online it mentioned that smooth edges of the coin was a defect of the manufacture process and it has that.
  8. Roosevelt Dime error

    Well, It doesnt have any of the teeth on the edges like a normal dime.
  9. Roosevelt Dime error

    Can anyone see the odd Rosevelt dime with a reverse side lacking the torch?
  10. Roosevelt Dime error

  11. Gold signet ring!

    Outstanding loot. Cheers to you, and the great gold ring.
  12. An odd token.

    An Aluminum token, Deutch with WIFI origins. It has nothing historical about it, but could a first of sorts.
  13. Token

  14. Token

    The net said its a brooklyn Manhatten token 82 years old, but unsure about the date.
  15. Token

    Found at an old HUD area. Parking Token. Appears to be brass.
  16. 1834 half dollar

    Great work on that one.
  17. Silver Ring

    If Crusader is still on this site he might know about the pendant as he hunts in europe. Possibly the pendant 200 years old. The face is on both sides.
  18. Silver Ring

    I have not been able to use the new site very well, but hoping to improve. Another person said looks like an indian, but i think he has a beard and indians didnt have facial hair.