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  1. Miedieval gold coins and tools found.

    More photos and story From
  2. Liku He and trhe toumb of 2 million coins

    more story at, and more photos <a...
  3. Shipwreck exposed in FL by erosion

    Not treasure yet but more story and photos at...
  4. mushroom hunter unearths bronze age sword

    more story and photos at...
  5. man finds 9 carrit diamond, IRS finds and taxes him...

    OK taxes him on what? claimed value, proposed value, or the fact he only paid like 50 bucks to look for it..... story at...
  6. Civil War site in WV

    more story and pictures at
  7. Pedal Car Auction makes almost 150K

    from and more photos at $1,740 $1,800
  8. trove of Jewish artifacts found beneath...

    from and more story with photos at
  9. 30 of the worlds most vualble tresures still missing

    ready set go hunt... from and more of the story with photos at
  10. Nazi Diary reveaals secret location

    So how many times have we heard this before? From and rest of the story at...
  11. Gemstone turns out to be Fossil

    From and more photos and story at
  12. $43,170 found in foot stool...

    from an more story at
  13. Artwork discovered in Vienna gift shop

    Artwork Discovered in Vienna Cathedral’s Gift Shop May Be the Work of German Renaissance Master Albrecht Dürer from and more story at...
  14. Just posted on the MI DNR web siite interactive ship map

    MI DNR launched an interactive map of Michigan ship wrecks.... have not played with it much yet but it looks like it may have potential... here is the link
  15. Giant Nephrite Jade discovered in Canada

    from and more story at Tons of Giant Nephrite Jade Discovered in Canada
  16. 4 rare NC rubies could bring 90 million...

    From and more story at
  17. biggest ever roman shipwreck found.

    From and more photo's and story at|1
  18. Storm surge on lake MI uncovers shipwreck off Muskegon coast

    From and more story and photos at****_JuThtu3dAABJM3JTtGia-OcSQQ_fb5Sn36ojw
  19. worlds most valuable thrift shop and garage sale finds.

    from and rest of the story with a lot more photos at The World?s Most Valuable Thrift Store And Garage Sale Finds ? giveitlove Beware lots of ad's on the page Vince Lombardi Sweater: $43,020 Chinese Libation Cup: $75,640 Bond Watch: $160,175
  20. Rare 1838 coin could sell for 500K

    from and more story at as I always say a story needs photos....