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  1. Whos The Most Famous Person Youve Ever Met?

    I got married to my third wife in Las Vegas in 1996. I thought I might remember my Anniversary as 9-13-96. Tupac was in Vegas that night. A bad day for us both..... Scott Thoughts of Bruce Honnsby and the Range...... "That's Just The Way It Is."
  2. Whos The Most Famous Person Youve Ever Met?

    Dee Snyder? Come on! We need clues! AH! Meatloaf! Right? Hmmm.. No. he wasn't that tall...,. Scott
  3. Whos The Most Famous Person Youve Ever Met?

    I never met Eddie or Dave, but attended a few concerts! Hmmm... Does Eddie have a "substance abuse" problem? Your call... I''d love to play along with Eddie.... (What substances are we talking about?) I have partied with "Head East" backstage at "Jimmy's Jigger" on State Line Avenue in KC...
  4. Whos The Most Famous Person Youve Ever Met?

    And, To date, I have met with my Congressman 3 times, (Two different Congressmen.) To discuss issues relating to the VA. And the IRS. By scheduling and meeting with Congressmen/Congresswomen, One shows their passion is not just "Meeting Someone Famous," But works towards making life better for...
  5. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    John, These issues are the last on my list of problems. If they cannot be corrected easily, I understand. I've had to just let a lot of things go from my past.... After all, it's just me re-reading my past posts. But the picture thing. I really have issues with that. Can we focus on that...
  6. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    John, There are too many to bother you with. I remember back when those who had Personal Pages had "Moderator" privileges on their pages. I guess somebody messed that up.....:dontknow: I was hoping that the new server IT team could write in a prompt code to add an "Enter" after any video...
  7. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    John, Here's what I mean.... A screen shot. See the video? See to the upper right where it says, "I miss you, Brother Ron..." I would always hit enter after posting a video to prevent this. The text would then be under the icon/image for the video. I've noticed this more than once in re-reading...
  8. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    Not sure if this has been answered, But what about the "in-line" photos of a post. Example: Post #1172. The photos, where they were posted originally, greatly enhances the post. Not a red X here and there and all...
  9. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    Only allowed for so long, then..... No longer allowed.... I just lost half of a post here. Don't 'cha all hate that? It started quickly backspacing and deleting my post as I tried to correct grammar. I'm gonna sit out for awhile 'til all the dust clears. Y'all be good to one 'nother and live...
  10. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    Ah, dammitsomuch! The ability to edit past posts has been removed! WHY? Can't this privilege be extended to those whom have "Personal Pages?" I promise that I won't abuse the privilege..... I'll continue to add to the dictionary... I'm still trying to learn all of the new changes, and...
  11. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    Treasurehunter, As an administrator of a group, of 40,000. I feel for you Brother. When others above you say, "This here be the change" and you have to explain it to everyone. You are certainly busy and We'll talk later. Be Strong, Be Well, my Friend, Scott
  12. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    Yeah, I guess I missed the warning...My Bad. Just lost some deep philosophical thoughts. No big deal. I have them all of the time.... I'm am old Feller, and most of the old fellers I know don't cotton much to change. But, we understand and try to keep up.... ----- And, I'm really not fond of...
  13. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    I've been here awhile. Several years, to be exact. I have a Personal Page. The most "active" Personal Page. I've seen several changes here over the years. From ownership to "layout....." --- I was posting on a thread when the system shut down. I lost the entire post I was typing. Thanks for the...

    Not really. Why would one? I only replied because I saw that you posted, my Friend. Gonna remove this thread from my feed. Be Well, Dram! Scott
  15. Live Auction to buy Silver and Currency!

    Live Auction #2! Get some goodies! Scott
  16. Live Auction to buy Silver and Currency!

    A live auction for my coins and currency. I'm just getting started! It will get better, and more expensive. So, get it now while the prices are low! Best Wishes, Scott

    Dang! Really? Glad I got out of that scene when I did.... Scott

    I think I know the answer Alex. "Well, Let's hear your answer, of course in the form of a question...." "Um..Who is....Screw it. You know the answer!" Scott

    Back in the day, when I was a kid, my Mom would send me to the grocery store with a dollar. I could get 2 loaves of bread, a pound of hamburger, a bag of rice, a frozen chicken and 5 pounds of potatoes. Then they installed security cameras.... Best, Scott
  20. Howdy folks.

    Welcome my Friend from Georgia! Best Wishes, Scott