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  1. Live Auction to buy Silver and Currency!

    A live auction for my coins and currency. I'm just getting started! It will get better, and more expensive. So, get it now while the prices are low! Best Wishes, Scott
  2. New Orleans

    I have a vacation planned for New Orleans around the first of June. Any information about camping or metal detecting in the area is appreciated. Best, Scott
  3. Just Back From ANACS

    Sent off 3 coins to be graded and slabbed. Just got them back! The Indian Head was acquired in a swap from a fellow member of Numista from France. The other two were gleaned from searching some 50,000+ loose Lincoln cents provided by my Landlord who worked at a...
  4. After 50 Years.....

    Just pulled the trigger today on a couple of Lincoln Cents that I've been wanting for about 50 years. A 1909S-VDB and a 1922 no D. Both would grade about a VF-20 and are "raw." Perhaps I'll get them graded.... Pictures later..... Best Wishes, Scott
  5. Recent Acquisitions

    Picked these up in the last week.... Spent less than a grand for all 3! Hope all find what they seek! Best Wishes, Scott
  6. Any Ideas?

    Does anyone recognize this possible coin? Thanks in advance!
  7. Possible Coin?

    Need some help with this one.... It's 13 mm and weighs 0.2 grams. It appears to be gold although the pictures do not show the true color. Thanks in advance. Scott
  8. Gem Hunting

    I'm planning a camping, hiking and gem mining trip around Franklin the first part of June. Anyone have info that can help? Best Wishes, Scott
  9. Franklin, North Carolina

    I plan on camping, hiking and gem mining around Franklin the first part of June. I've never been there and would like anyone's input on the area. I especially would like info about primitive camping along gem producing creeks. I'm not in to the usual "Tourist Trap Sites," although I'll probably...
  10. Treasure Hunting and Metal Detectorists

    I have created a Facebook group called, "Treasure Hunters and Metal Detectorists." All are Welcome to Join! Mention that you are a Treasurenet Member and get accepted quickly to the Group! See Y'all there! Best Wishes, Scott
  11. Unknown Coins

    Can anyone help me Identify these coins? The first two have only one side that shows detail; The other sides are worn slick. The next one is both sides. Thanks in advance. Best Wishes, Scott
  12. HTML Code For a Star

    If anyone is interested, Here's the HTML code to have a star appear when listing a star note... & # 9733; ★ Leave out the spaces. Best Wishes, Scott
  13. Fancy Serial Numbers

    Here's a new site that I just found. - Home Anyone ever been there? I'll have to look into it as I have many that I call, "Odd Serial Numbers!" Best Wishes, Scott
  14. Another $500

    Just spent another $500 on bank ones today.... I must have hit them when they were low low because of the holidays, and, I got me some that had been in the vault for awhile! Lots of 1980's and 1990's. Crispy and some sequentials! Here's a low serial number 1995 San Francisco that caught my...
  15. 10 Years?

    WOW! Just think, In 37 days, it will be 10 years that I joined Treasurenet! The site has gone through many changes since then. And so have I. I've been banned(only once), made an enemy or two, I suppose, but have made MANY FRIENDS! Perhaps, my Friends, We may have started out at odds, but...
  16. Scotts Treasure Tube

    I have buried a Treasure and have been giving clues. All are invited to join in the search! Best Wishes to All, Scott
  17. 1999 Wam

    1999 WAM! Can anyone help with the cost of certifying a cherry red 1999 WAM? Thanks! Scott Yes, I can provide photos.... What's your take when it sells?
  18. Scotts Treasure Tube

    Scott's Treasure Tube I have decided to bury a sealed PVC tube of Treasure somewhere this summer and post clues for my Fellow Treasurenet Family to seek! It all begins here... Good Luck to All! Best...
  19. A Super "Radar!"

    Received this in change the other day.... Best Wishes, Scott
  20. Die Crack?

    Found this today. The line is raised. Is this a die crack? Has it any premium value? Thanks in advance! Best of Wishes, Scott