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  1. Need help identifying these rocks please

    Is that what’s called “sugar quartz”? If it’s been sampled from a gold bearing region, I’d say crush and pan. Gold bearing ore doesn’t all look the same. It varies greatly depending on the type of deposit. Easy enough to test for free milling gold. Just my opinion.
  2. Gravel pit gold

    Interesting. That glacial gold must be tricky to follow. Around my part of California, although nearly all “gravel” pits are crushing/screening river rock that was a byproduct of gold mining operations, I’m not aware of a single one that incorporates gold recovery into their operation. The...
  3. Pocket gold

    Has anybody ever found a small pocket gold mine, where they thought the miner was screening out crushed corn flakes of gold out instead of barren rocks? I think I have..I think they sorted the vein visually and crushed small amounts of select ore...screened the corn flakes out, then panned the...
  4. Guys asked for some dirt, so here it is!

    Baking ore in your kitchen oven really isn’t a good idea. There are some deadly chemicals that can be released when ore is roasted. My dad knew a guy that died from exposure that kind of stuff.
  5. Guys asked for some dirt, so here it is!

    The crap between your toes is going to introduce more foreign bacteria than a bucket full of dirt ever will. Fish are pretty resilient. They survived a pretty long period of time of extreme events over the different climate periods. The revolutionist have been pretty good at placing the blame...
  6. Mystery Item

    It looks like a piece of home made punch plate used in a rocker box for gold mining purposes if that hasn’t already been suggested. Did you find it in an area known for gold mining?
  7. Small little Nugget Patch found - NEW VIDEO !

    I appreciate you taking the time to share your day detecting nuggets. Didn’t subscribe (just because I don’t do that much), but enjoyed seeing how sensitive the gold monster is. I’m impressed. Worth the price of admission - a view. Dizzy - relax. The guy put some effort into putting that...
  8. I found a gold nugget metal detecting and was wondering how much it’s worth?

    I figured decent price would be 90% spot price to a middle man selling to collectors. 80% spot from “we buy gold” outfits. Of course paying close attention to the difference between troy ounces and the common ounce. ————- A gold and gem show may attract special buyers willing to spend extra...
  9. Gold specimens found and what the crush looks like

    You now know what mica schist looks like and feels like. Don’t completely abandon the possibility of there being gold present. Sample the material surrounding the mica schist...crush and pan it to see if you have free milling gold. Love to see your recovered gold.
  10. Broken dart point?

    Indeed it does. Takes me 4 hours to drive across just my county. I typically limit my travels to the Shasta, Trinity, Siskiyou, Modoc, Klamath, Jackson, and Josephine areas. 28,000 square miles?!
  11. Broken dart point?

    I guess what I'm seeing (or feeling) is "basal thinning" in the second photo? I'm all the way to the top of Ca.
  12. Broken dart point?

    Help me out SouthFork...what were you seeing at first? What gives the appearance of being reworked? I did notice the stem was thinner than the rest of the point and didn't share the elliptical cross section. This is mainly evident on the second picture. Are you thinking this was a point where...
  13. Broken dart point?

    T.C. I'd be out looking if I could get the planets aligned properly so as to have a little sunlight to myself. I'm actually wanting to do a bit of looking in your direction. Not quite all the way to K.F.
  14. I found a gold nugget metal detecting and was wondering how much it’s worth?

    Those larger nuggets are not so easy to come by. I’d guess you will find gold buyers willing to pay you $335 - $420 for that nugget. Somewhere in that price range. Less at a pawn shop. Personally I’d be sticking with the upper end of that price range. It doesn’t sound like you were looking...
  15. Broken dart point?

    Right next door.
  16. Broken dart point?

    Found this broken point this evening. Disregard the second set of duplicate photos.. Far Northern California. Kind of a grey obsidian. I’m a real greenhorn when it comes to typing an artifact. My guess was a Elko Split Stem type?
  17. I found a gold nugget metal detecting and was wondering how much it’s worth?

    All depends on what it looks like and where it came from.
  18. Another mystery mineral in my pan....

    Rotten automotive batteries make a terrible mess of lead fragments.