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  1. First Mano

    Nice Mano with a great view to boot
  2. Old Finds

    Heck yeah—solid frame SF
  3. Arrowhead Age Help. Found in the woods along the Middle Fork river in Meadowview Virginia. I know its old but would it be paleo old?

    Very interesting material—have never found any similar in Va. But i’d Call it a Brewerton all day
  4. Found quartz arrowhead while cutting grass

    Good eye. There is a small bare spot in a corner of my parents’ front yard. Nothing has ever grown there. Years ago when cutting grass with the tractor I hopped down to find a nice whole point sitting right on top of the dirt. Every so often I wander over there but have yet to find more.
  5. Gunther Barbed

    The attention and delicacy paid to those would have been great to see before completion. Nice examples. Gotta be diligent with the sifter.
  6. âś… SOLVED Quartz Base

    I sure don’t have one, but I’ve seen examples of crystal quartz Paleos here in VA. Cool find.
  7. Savannah River Point?

    Nice point. What Keith said.
  8. Maybe an axe?

    Great find--certainly an axe. Plow really whooped up on her though
  9. What are these?

    Look to be chert flakes
  10. Bird effigy?

    That’s a rock. Keep looking
  11. Dec 18 2021 The hunt for the elusive hardstone

    Great finds and great story Dognose. Those finds get the blood pumping.
  12. Same spot as yesterday, unbelievable!

    Nice finds CHUDs—quite a day-maker right there.
  13. Some recent finds!

    Nice finds!
  14. ~yesterday’s find

    Nice point! And ditto what TDog said. Someone else liked it too at one point. As for deer season, I had a hammer sneak up behind me and nearly caught me with my pants down. Was close too—maybe 45 yards. He saw me first and when I wheeled around with my muzzleloader he was already showing me...
  15. New format on T-Net

    I’m using Safari via iPhone. Just discovered that if I click “Stay logged in” it makes me reset my password, but if I unclick “stay logged in” and log in it keeps me logged in.
  16. New format on T-Net

    How complete is the upgrade at this point? My experience so far: Every time I have come to Tnet since the upgrade began whether it has been via mobile or laptop, I’ve had to log in manually. That said, my old password didn’t work so I went ahead and reset my password and was able to log back...
  17. Stone Hoe

    Hey Keith—yes it is definitely granite and certainly would fall in the category of an expedient tool. My dad has found two not far from there in the lowgrounds and when I handle their chipped/dull edges I can’t help but think how useful such a basic edge would be for busting up that soft...
  18. Stone Hoe

    10-4. Thanks for the replies.