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  1. Some of my display cases.

    Thanks very much! More to come as I like the way they look too!
  2. Some of my display cases.

    Thanks very much!
  3. My last find in this state

    So are you in Wyoming now?
  4. Some of my display cases.

    The cases have lids but I took the photos with them raised so there is no glare. This also allows visitors to actually hold a relic.
  5. Some of my display cases.

    No coins or tokens found at any of these sites.
  6. Some of my display cases.

    I figured I post some of the display cases that I have put together in the past few months. These are all from different sites from across the Western Territories. I am moving away from the Riker cases as I find they take up too much room and are rather boring to look at. I just changed my...
  7. I’m starting to hate my Deus!!! Help please.

    How about clearing all the programs and just going with the factory pre-sets? Clear your mind too and start fresh. I don't use anything other that the pre-sets. Its a calm hunt for me every time.
  8. Need Help with Bullet ID

    The Indian Wars were being fought out west long before the Civil War ended, hence the .58. Wait until you find Gallaghers, Merrils, Smiths, Gomez & Mills Sharps, etc, out west. Thats when the fun starts.
  9. Need Help with Bullet ID

    50-70 on top. .58 Minie on bottom. Judging from your location, you are at a site that saw activity from about 1863 to at least 1872. Nice finds.
  10. Bisbee Bottle Dump?

    I'll be in Bisbee over Halloween. Does anybody know the location of the town bottle dumps or dumps? I'm guessing that they are common knowledge to locals, and no doubt hit hard but I'd still like to have a poke around. Thanks for any directions in advance.
  11. Indian Wars Road Trip

    Nice Finds. Looks like you and I must favor the same
  12. Oldest Gold Coin

    Still not worthy of the Banner huh? Why am I not surprised.
  13. Any luck

    Not yet. Have watched plenty on youtube about it.
  14. Oldest Gold Coin

    Hopefully this satisfies the back story part. Its a site I've hunted now for two years. I was using an 8 year old Teknetics G-2. This machine has found 9 of my 10 gold coins. Rang in the 70's and was maybe 4 inches deep. When I saw the edge of the coin after it slid out of the plug I thought...
  15. Huntin in WY

    Wyoming has some good history. I've dug a bit.
  16. Oldest Gold Coin

    Apparently I need to provide a "Back Story", whatever that is. I was using an 8 year old Teknetics G-2. This machine has found 9 of my 10 gold coins. Rang in the 70's. Not much else I can add to what I mentioned earlier.
  17. Oldest Gold Coin

    10 now. I posted where i found it earlier in the thread.
  18. Oldest Gold Coin

    I metal detect and do all sorts of relic hunting. I just added my youtube and instagram links to my signature. Coins are not what I look for, but if they pop out of my plug I am sure as hell NOT going to throw them back in the hole and cover them up!! LOL
  19. Oldest Gold Coin

    Haha! My oldest coin is a Thurrock Potin .
  20. Oldest Gold Coin

    Thanks Crusader. I will do that. BTW I will be back home in London and Kent in September to visit my folks.