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  1. Wagon Train Attacked by Indians (1858)

    Rooster, you hit on the only good point earlier...research. For this story, you need to go to the source...the Mormon church. Find someone connected to the church archives, willing to confirm the story. There are a ton of treasure hunters from Utah, seek them out. They all have connections...
  2. Treasure Mountain, CO - Lost Frenchmens Gold

    cyzak, my apologies, I've taken down my response to the LUE. Dirt
  3. Treasure Mountain, CO - Lost Frenchmens Gold

    3fan, regarding "La Ventana", (The Window) Maynard Cornett Adams wrote a book published in 2004. It covers the time period 1684 -1770.He also wrote the Citadel Mountain series, 4 books covering subsequent time periods. I have not compared his book to Perry Eberhart or Temple Cornelius stories...
  4. "The Lue Map and the Nazi Connection -2. Continuation of the topic."

    traveller777, respect your position. The origin story surrounding the LUE map has nothing to do with the solve of the map or finding of the treasure. Back to the challenge from Sergei 3.
  5. ted cox manuscript..

    Matthew Roberts is spot on. There is a lot to the Ted Cox story that was not highly reported until after he died and his widow donated his writings to Ron Feldman. While he was alive, a lot of treasure hunters thought he was crazy. Look into his story and draw your own conclusions. I for one...
  6. "The Lue Map and the Nazi Connection -2. Continuation of the topic."

    Not a lot of activity in this forum, so I will play for a while...full disclosure "I am not a treasure hunter"...I am a researcher and historian. I am more interested in the origin story of the LUE even though most are after either the (1) solve of the LUE MAP (2) or the recovery. sdcfia...
  7. Beale Papers 1 and 3

    "Actions are the seed of Fate" - unknown author. Write the book...
  8. Beale Papers 1 and 3

    Good for you. Always like to hear good news. Recommend you write a historical fiction novel to fill in the blanks. Put me down for a copy.

    sdcfia and LC, spot on comments! A couple of books I recommend to anyone interested in treasure hunting. I found the historical background to be informative and fascinating in each book. (1) "New Mexico Confidential, 30 Years of Snooping in Obscure Places". (2) "The Ones That Got Away...
  10. The lost Dutchman’s gold mine location

    Ramiro, interesting theory. I'm a researcher and History buff. So my interests differ from others. As for the stone maps, any stone maps for that matter, my only interest is WHO carved them and WHEN were they carved. Without that basic information, everything regarding the stone maps is...

    I am a researcher and a collector of history. When someone ascerts a claim on the forums, I start researching. Many times I have been able to determine through research the claim is either mistaken or the poster is telling stories. There are also those who have legitimate lesds or finds. I...

    L.C., a lot of the intelligent people you speak of have since sadly passed away or moved away from the Forums due to reasons you mention above. Some, like me, read your posts and conduct our own research on the side. A lot of us cannot travel to your location so we are limited in our...
  13. The lost Dutchman’s gold mine location

    Not saying the theory is wrong, I never discount the possibility...but this is a book of fiction, available for $6 dollars on Amazon.
  14. Arapahoe Princess Treasure any new clues?

    I went through my files. I have nothing to add to the material I have already posted here previously. I believe you are at the right spot. Let us know how you make out with your hunt. A simple "I found it" will satisfy me. Others will want to see pictures of the find. One note: It's been...
  15. Mysteries of the Superstition Mountains

    Contact the superstition mountain museum to see if they will reach out to Larry Hedrick or Jack San Felice for you. I've found in my research through the years, start with the source of the story, you never know, catch em on the right day, just might give you some leads to follow. Dirt
  16. Arapahoe Princess Treasure any new clues?

    I've always thought finding the village location was the key. Once you have that location, you can canvas the area for the Doll Rock, then the supposed 300 foot distance to the treasure site. How would one find the village assuming the tribe always returned or stayed in the same location? Need...
  17. Arapahoe Princess Treasure any new clues?

    Cyzak, all of the state forums are a great place to start. Excellent advice!
  18. Arapahoe Princess Treasure any new clues?

    Excellent idea contacting the tribe. I will go through my files and send you what I have. Better for you to sort out material since you are in the field. Expect a PM in a couple weeks.
  19. Arapahoe Princess Treasure any new clues?

    Post a picture of the Doll if you can. Crop out the surrounding landscape so you don't reveal your location. Contact me on private message if you want to discuss research material. Dirt
  20. Victorio Peak Documents, Symbols and Artifacts

    That’s the rub bobinsd. Find access to a cavern in those mountains and maybe, just maybe, there’s something hidden there. There are plenty of caverns in the western states that have been explored. For some reason, no one seems to be able to find any openings in those mountains.