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  1. Always consider this my best

    Drove a hour or so to hunt a beach right at daylight.... Saw one of those sand cleaning machines going back and forth. Figured nothing to find but decided to hunt anyway. Found some trash and a coin here or there but nothing of value. Then about an hour in my machine goes nuts and...
  2. 🙋 WANTED Two Box

    Looking for a Two Box, Fisher Gemini, Whites TM 808 etc. If you got one you have collecting dust let me know Thanks
  3. ❎ SOLD Used CTX 30303 Items

    Looking for the base charger, power cords for it, CD, Computer cord, Send me a PM if you want to get rid of any above items please
  4. Found a Sharps today

    Found a nice Sharps Ringtail today :icon_thumleft:
  5. Real or Not

    I found this and would like to know if it is real or not, and also live or not 20 inches in circumference and very very heavy Have to assume real for now I guess so I have it in a safe place
  6. Why is Site so slow and Chat down again????

    why is this site now always so slow and chat keep going down? Just wondering thanks for any info ;D
  7. cross on the beach

    found this little cross on the beach today between the squalls here not real but does look nice
  8. Little cache found on the beach

    Found on a beach this morning that uses a sifter at night, I will never ever again believe those things clean a beach of everything. I have hunted this beach area before too several months ago. You never know what might be under your toes ;D haven't found anything newer than 79 so far and older...
  9. Found in a Goodwill for $1.25 Guess this is where it goes

    Stopped in a Goodwill on my way home today and found these for $1.25 18 kt cufflinks and tie clasp
  10. Found on beach along with a bunch of oil balls from the spill

    found these 3 items MDing the beach here getting some time in before they close it due to the oil spill
  11. Looky what I found today with my New Etrac :0)

    took a break from the rat race for a few moments today Found a ring at a home site I am searching around on with an Etrac I just bought trying to get the feel of it 14k :) camera and I also need some bonding lol Pics are not the best
  12. Prayer Request For Gypsys Uncle And Friend

    Prayer Request For Gypsy's Uncle And Friend Gypsy's Uncle Jim was in a bad wreck today on I 43 while taking a friend in for radiation treatment. They are in the hospital. She is asking all of us to come together and pray for them. Her post is please please pray for my Uncle Jim who was...
  13. This Weekend In Florida Along the Gulf Coast

    It is the annual Gulf Coast Yard Sale just drive along the coast from Pensacola to the Big Bend area and you will see 1000s of yard sales city to city. I picked up a very old guitar last year in Apalachicola for $20.00. I just liked the way the box sounded tapping on it so I bought it. Well it...
  14. Question On Flower Beds From Yester Year

    I am searching for where maybe some rose bush or flower beds might of been back in early 1800s. Did they plant them far from the house, next to house, etc. I am asking for anyone that might have knowledge on them. I am assuming that they would be close to a water source like a well so they...
  15. Good time of swings

    pretty good day of swings found a few things and deposited a good bit of garbage into trash cans while swinging
  16. Prayes Needed For KHicks Family

    KHicks's dad is having surgery on Wednesday Please lift her and her family Her Paw up for recovery and healing His medical staff Thanks
  17. Pensacola Hunters

    I have been contacted by a lady that daughter lost a family heirloom on Pensacola Beach during her wedding. Not worth anything as far as money but priceless as far as family history. Anyone that would like to help me search for it and return it to the family you can PM me. If you want...
  18. Maybe God

    I like to take credit for this but I didn't take it. It is so pretty I had to share across the bay from Cape Canaveral, the lights you see in the background are the launch pad with the shuttle Endeavor on it Or it could be God :icon_thumleft:
  19. Mr Frog

    Bought a house today to fix up found I already have a tenant ready to move in :)
  20. Friend of mine has massive stroke

    please pray for my buddy Chuck, at 5 am this morning he had a massive stroke. He was my friend that took me to the auction and the hertiage came out he is in ICU here and seems to be slowly recovering I would appreciate prayer for him TYVM