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  1. 1798 LC

    First flowing hair Large Cent for me.Dug 12 inches down with the deus II while on vacation in Massachusetts . I also found three silver dimes ,one anchor button (Civilian)3 buffs,several whats and one i886 Indian head. Not enough to pay for gas but I love colonal history so the large cent...
  2. Napleonic Musket balls

    Dug in Germany. Around 175 musket balls . Looking to get 150.00 shipped. Battle of Trippstadt Fight Main Results Description The Battle of Trippstadt was a relatively-minor French military action in 1794 during the War of the First Coalition. The clash between French Republican forces and the...
  3. 💵 FOR SALE French Revolution musket balls for sale

    Ok so these were dug in Germany by my elderly friend who is selling off his collections. He is retired Army ,84 years old and still lives in Germany. He asked me if I could help him get ride of some of his digs because his age and his wife and kids don't want any of it. I met him while I...
  4. Door knocking paid off

    I made the two hour drive to a battle area to hit some hunted out woods. My buddy said let's do some door knocking and try to find somewhere that's not hunted out. First lady we asked said she had too many pets buried in the yard ,second guy said we could but there's already been a ton of...
  5. Good results in a pounded site

    Don't look like much but this site has been pounded hard . I hunted 4 hours with the D2 and pretty much every hole had iron in it. Happy with the results using the Fast stock program.
  6. New Deus 2 ETA

    An update for us USA consumers. Kind of a bummer!! This came from the dealer I preordered from. NEW DEUS II UPDATE United States ETA The greatly anticipated USA arrival of XP’s new detector, the DEUS II, is still several weeks away! Although the DEUS II was first released back in...
  7. Deus II ,who is buying?

    Just wondering who is looking at the Deus II? The price point is up there but it may be worth it if the reviews are accurate.
  8. Pistol found in a pit

    A buddy called me and invited mr to a site he scored permission for. Just an empty lot where a late 1800s home once stood but it had potential . After we arrived he found the first bottle dump within a half hour. Lots of stuff from the 40s . Soda and milk bottles but nothing real rare...
  9. Buying friends digs

    Hi all, I have a elderly friend that is selling off his finds to me. His kids don't want anything and his wife has dementia so I agreed to buy his stuff from 40 years of detecting. Most is from Germany however I purchased a collection dug in New York last spring. I put the buttons in...
  10. Hoping for a mercury but found bigger silver

    Hi all, someone I work with told me that they were :diamond-ring:selling their rental house. I asked the age and was told it was built in 1910 if I wanted to come out and look around. I went out this morning and the lady next door asked if I wanted to hunt her yard also so of course I...
  11. This is special

    Hi all, we just had a couple days visit with my wife's 98 year old grand mother. I went down into the basement of her home and saw this jacket. It belonged to my wife's grandfather who passed in 2012. He was in a tank destroyer outfit and saw heavy fighting from D day through the bulge where...
  12. ✅ SOLVED Tensioner??

    Hi all, this was given to me by my wife's 98 year old grandmother and she said it was her dads. Any idea what it is? Looks familiar but I can't remember where I've seen it before.
  13. Trigger guard

    Hi all, found my first trigger guard but not sure where the rest of the rifle is.. The place was shelled hard so the rifle might have been blown to bits. I think I have it down to most likely being off a springfield but I could be wrong.CH]
  14. A first for me

    Made the drive back to the battle site and did pretty well. Tough going and swampy but I had a blast. I had two surprises on this hunt. First was a trigger guard that was about 8 inches in the muck. First one for me, I still have to try to ID it. 2nd surprise was digging a bullet then...
  15. Nazi stuff

    Hi all, I have an elderly friend asking me to make him an offer on all this nazi stuff that he has dug while living in Germany.A few things are older. I bought one collection of stateside dug relics already. Any idea what this stuff is worth? All in dug condition.
  16. Bought a collection n

    Not a garage but an elderly friend. His kids don't want any of it and his wife is sick so he asked me . I bought it and he has other stuff he is getting together that I told home I would buy.
  17. Texas??

    Hi all, I purchased a collection from an elderly friend of mine. His kids don't want any of it and his wife is not well so he asked if I would like any of his stuff. Amongst about 45 or so military buttons(1812-WW2) there is this star. He said it's the middle of a CW Texas belt plate but it...
  18. Might have found a good one

    I think I dug a whitworth bullet. Not 100% but a good chance. I also dug a schenkle fuse.
  19. She said it was hunted out..

    I made the drive back to the 1865 battle site and decided to do some door knocking. Part of the battle is now a large subdivision. First lady I asked said there had been 10 people on her property with detectors in the last year . We talked for a while and I drove up the road and passed a...
  20. Cannonball frag

    Hi all found my first cannonball frag in many years. Made the two hour drive worth it. I also found a couple drops and a couple fired rounds. This place has been pounded for years so i am happy to going home with anything.