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  1. It's that time again!

    Yup, you can call the guys in Sac and they can look it up and tell you if it has been accepted if you haven't heard back from them. Last year, I called and they had it in a stack, not processed yet, but accepted and in the line, ready to be processed. You would think that this year they would be...
  2. Dahlke micro 4b initial thoughts.

    I run the GX270/ HP500 on my 4" proline maxed out... If you're going to be carrying in a 5" dredge, a couple GX200's with HP400's works great for deep water. I can't see where running those motors at double rpms will last... seems like they would over heat and burn out faster. I got the clear...
  3. Dahlke micro 4b initial thoughts.

    The Proline HP350 runs great with room to spare on a 5hp G160 motor, so why go with a G200? I've used the light weight hose, it does work fine for a month... there is a mid grade "Clear Flow" brand that is just a bit heavier but lasts for a few seasons and is predictable. The problem with...
  4. Dahlke micro 4b initial thoughts.

    A suction nozzle uses more water because it's pushing everything up the hose. The powerjet is way more efficient and you can really feel the difference, but I use both, they both work and both have their places. This quote is wrong... just way off base... -3”and 4” suction nozzle works at 106...
  5. Dahlke micro 4b initial thoughts.

    Look for some nice light weight 1.25" to 1.5" expanded. I'd hit a scrap yard first and see what you can come up with. Infinity jet schematic - A trijet would be more than enough.
  6. Underwater sluice

    I talked with Glenn a few years back about his Dragon Subbie, he really put together a nice machine. I've got the basic schematic for it here somewhere... I still have an 8" subbie that fits under my 6" homebuilt sitting in California... When set up right, they work great. Then I also have my...
  7. Dahlke micro 4b initial thoughts.

    Just set it up with expanded like Bob did back in the day - That looks like the 125 pump in the pic below, which might work fine with expanded riffles. The dove tails require more water to run properly.
  8. Dahlke micro 4b initial thoughts.

    Those are the same riffles that mine had... They aren't any good for fine Colorado gold...
  9. Dahlke micro 4b initial thoughts.

    It's like 2 breaths... not a big deal :laughing7:
  10. Dahlke micro 4b initial thoughts.

    You just blow it up with your mouth like a pool toy.
  11. Dahlke micro 4b initial thoughts.

    "Another QC issue I noticed is that the riffle tray bows upwards which only makes the issue with the bottom bowing down worse." Don't forget to inflate it. That keeps the bottom up against the riffles.
  12. Dawn of the stealth dredge

    Yea, towards the end, his builds went down hill, but it always was a solid design that worked great. We all talked mining for hours every day down at Pioneer Mining back in the 90's, pretty much a "Good Ol boys club". Good times, great memories. Frank and I are the last 2 living from the old...
  13. Dawn of the stealth dredge

    Yup, that's the 2nd generation Gould Engineering Gold Dredge design - designed by Reggie Gould. It was last being produced by his son but that's still ancient history.
  14. inspection mat which is best?

    I have Shallow V first, it separates and catches gold. It can be quickly cleaned with a sucker bottle. Depending on water flow, Deep V doesn't separate out the black sands as well. But added below the regular V mat, it's the next step up in line. The beginning of this video shows my set up, the...
  15. Placer Claim Mined Out?

    The area that you're in sure has a ton of history. Maybe look for a claim of your own? All of the marked squares have gold mining history. Maybe you can find a better area on your own -
  16. Classification Over Riffles Question

    You can run hex bolts and nuts thru the mesh for heigth adjustment wherever needed. Use the hex side down.. I forgot that you were in Colorado, make it into an over under for the best recovery using the 1/8" as the screen into the lower/ slower sluice...
  17. Classification Over Riffles Question

    I say the opposite... those riffles are useless under an 1/8" screen... keep the expanded and toss the riffles. Then go 3 to 4 times the heigth of the opening for enough water flow. The idea is to slow the water under the screen for such a drastically small screen size.
  18. Power sluice California law question

    And the different rangers using selective enforcement is the problem... the green environazi types, write you up and confiscate your equipment and or arrest you... I had 3 environazi's show up on my claim with 2 tow trucks, a sheriff and a flat bed on a rainy day to steal my equipment... they...
  19. HELP PLEASE AND THANK YOU…I’ve discovered High grade complex mineral ores

    There's no gold in your samples, maybe some iron. Here's what you need to look for, just like a gold ring. This shows different samples of different gold types and formations. All have quartz. Look for this color. It shines naturally but doesn't usually reflect at all.
  20. Hydro-Force Nozzles still being made?

    You can tap the inside of the 3/4 pipe with a 1/2" tap then reduce it to whatever works best for you.