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  1. Prehistoric Finds Never Fail

    Thanks guys! Was super jacked to find them XD
  2. Prehistoric Finds Never Fail

    Hope everyone's doing good today. I just got these beauties looking for shark teeth. If you wanna see the video of my recovery of them, here's the link. It was honestly a beast hunt.
  3. Tallahassee, FL vintage coke bottle!

    lol I was 16 then after all...
  4. 15,000 Year Old Discovery of Lifetime

    haha exactly ;) thanks brother.
  5. 15,000 Year Old Discovery of Lifetime

    Haha thanks man! Still can't believe it!
  6. 15,000 Year Old Discovery of Lifetime

    I was so shocked my jaw fell to the floor! ;)
  7. 15,000 Year Old Discovery of Lifetime

    Haha thanks man! It was crazy! haha
  8. 15,000 Year Old Discovery of Lifetime

    Hey y'all! Been a while since I last posted. Recently I found this fossilized 15,000+ year old Tapirus Veroensis jawbone (Vero Tapir). By far my best find ever. Came straight out of a North Florida creek. Absolutely baller. The restoration process was a nightmare haha Hope you enjoy the pictures...
  9. My best find in 15 years

    Wassup y'all! Saturday me and my dad & brother went looking for fossils in north florida and I found this absolutely gorgeous fossilized dire wolf tooth. My best fossil after 15 years of doing this for sure. This puppy is 1.5"x1.80"!! A true prehistoric monster!!
  10. Is this a walrus bone or something???

    alligator/crocodile jaw. quite common. cool find.
  11. Hunting fossils with Youtube star

    Hey yall! I went out hunting for fossilized sea urchins with famous youtube star Paleo Cris. Hope you enjoy our hunt :) We found some killer fossilized and crystalized sea biscuits!
  12. HUGE Palladium Ring!!

    Thank you all! It was so awesome to be able to find it so quick for him :))
  13. HUGE Palladium Ring!!

    Hey guys! I haven't posted in a while cause I haven't done much metal detecting, but today I got a text at 10:03 from a friend who told me his buddy lost his wedding ring last night in the front yard in a water balloon fight with his kids. I promptly drove over to the guy's house and found the...
  14. Found Beautiful Coral Geodes!!

    thank you sir!
  15. Found Beautiful Coral Geodes!!

    That he does! :)
  16. Found Beautiful Coral Geodes!!

    thanks man! :D
  17. Found Beautiful Coral Geodes!!

    I went out with Paleo Cris from YouTube and we found some killer fossilized coral geodes in South Georgia. It was so much fun. The riverbed was basically just coral instead of rocks. Iโ€™d never seen anything like it.
  18. 1 Hour Fossil Hunt

    Actually, mastodons were warmer weather elephants much like the modern one today, unlike mammoths of course :)
  19. 1 Hour Fossil Hunt

    Hey guys, I went looking for fossils in central Florida this past Tuesday. I only had an hour to hunt, but boy did it produce! My favorite finds were five chunks of Mastodon tusk and a partial muskrat jaw! I hope you enjoy this look into prehistoric Florida!