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  1. Last Sundays hunt

    Nice hunt and grats on the keepers and thanks for the share. HH ALL!
  2. 1826 Capped 50c and Masonic item

    Killer half, grats and thanks for the share.
  3. Colorado Quarter Die Error

    It's got a little extra material, sure enough.
  4. Eagle Six Lever Lock Face & Silver!!

    Way to work it, RJ. fan DIME tastic HH ALL!
  5. Maybe picking up?

  6. First Hunt in My New Area Nets Gold and Silver!

    Ecellent work and grats on the keepers. Looks like a ruby to me.
  7. Another good dive... another large gold necklace and pendant

    Nice find and, yes, I'd be going back for another try for sure. Thanks for the post and Happy Hunting All.
  8. A new fashion trend ..

    Ya gotta wonder what kinda skid mark was cut out to make the head hole...
  9. Did I finally find some gold?

    Keep panning and sooner or later you'll find some mercury that more than likely will be attached to gold but it will be silver colored. Just small flakes for me but I have heard of people finding pockets of the silvery poison.
  10. My first Coinstar find: 1943 penny

    I have dug, I'm almost sure, three. The way to dig one is in a coin spill of wheaties and two of them will be stuck together and there will be whats left of one inbetween. I've done that twice. The first was at a very old college campus and it was a 15 wheat pennies. It was obviuse...
  11. ID help for some Vermont foundation finds

    Great bunch of finds and info here. The ring looks like it might be made from a silver coin. Can you make out any design left over after all the hammering/shaping on the inside?
  12. Clad, .925 Silver and Diamonds ๐Ÿ’Ž

    I was unaware of the false metal positive. Thanks for the education and get out there for another or a few. HH ALL
  13. Mosaic in my garden

    Fairy's wear boots and dancin' with a dwarf. ALLLLLLL RIGHT NOW
  14. Clad, .925 Silver and Diamonds ๐Ÿ’Ž

    Nice! What would make you think that testing silver would give a positive diamond indication? My guess is that you did test the stone, otherwise you would for sure get a negative indication. Grats and thanks for the share.
  15. Large silver and 1866 Indian

    Awesome IHP and welcome to the club on the $ coin. I'll bet it was lost mid last century and used to be a good luck, carry with me all the time type piece. Thanks for the post and HH ALL
  16. Silver [silver] dollar

    I wish we had silver dollars in 1958. Very cool centennial find indeed. BTW, I have 3 dug morgans; 1887o, 1891 and 1900o. Looking for #4 and hope its got lotsa friends! Thanks for the post.
  17. Uriah Heep

    Friggin' awe-inspiring awesome-ness!
  18. Fossil Identification?

    I've never seeen perfectly round paw pads on any animal and no claws or nails on toes but I'm certainly not an expert. Let's see what others say...
  19. Bank Holiday Results ๐Ÿ˜

    Did you forget to post the coins pictures? Also, "tiniest lead roll that was hard to find"? Do you have a pinpointer? It will speed up recovery time so you can dig more targets.
  20. Fossil Identification?

    That sure looks like a lava rock. What do you think it is?