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  1. Old button-crossed cannons

    Recent find, slightly larger than a U.S quarter. Crossed cannons. Nothing on the back except for the mark where the attachment loop was broken off
  2. me

    Me and my trusty Minelab Safari
  3. Recent find

    Hi all, just found this a week ago. Can anyone help with an I.D? Found in CT, along river, seems to be made from a basalt type stone? Dewart stemmed maybe? Measures 1 3/4" long
  4. Seated dime

    Not found today but about 4 weeks ago. She's a bit worn but not bad. The Safari always has that distinctive scream when over an old silver coin.
  5. Selling

    Hi all, is there a place for a non charter member to sell an item on here? Looking to part with one of my detectors{ Excalibur2} except I couldn't post it in the classifieds.
  6. Asian coin

    Hi all, recently found this large Asian coin. "One Tael, Yun-Nan Province" . I researched this a bit and seems a lot of these are fakes. Some of the smaller markings on the reverse seem different than any other I've seen on the web, but thought I'd post it in case there are any foreign coin...
  7. necklace

    Hi there, will be making an arrowhead necklace for my son as a gift, i have the wire, just not sure the best way to wire the arrowhead. It's a notched one if that helps. Looking for any kind of instructional video or pics. Thanks!
  8. after tornado

    Taken after we had a tornado last summer here in CT. I'm on the left. Was holding a HI-C juice box, i swear.
  9. RNB Innovations

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has had any recent correspondence to or from RNB Innovations. I sent my EX3000 charger back due to it being faulty {still under warranty}. My charger delivered to them NOV 9th. I've yet to receive the replacement in the mail. Have emailed them 4 times and called...
  10. Maine beaches

    Hi, would anyone know if the State beaches in Maine are open during the winter? Also, is detecting allowed? I know last summer I went up and was made to sign a form saying whatever I found of any "value" I would give it to the person at the gate office on the way out. Wondering if winter...
  11. Nice gold ring and British soldier

    Hit the beach with the excal Saturday, 2 hours in we were not doing well except for a few clad and some sinkers. Decided to go the distance and walk about 1/4 mile down the shore where there are more rocks, mud and shells rather than deep sand. Right off the bat got this 7.7 gram 14k gold band...
  12. Minelab GPZ 7000

    Only $ 8,000.00. Mortgage company will surely understand for a few months, HOWEVER, when wife skins me alive with a dull deer antler I can claim it was all an accident.
  13. 1856 Braided hair Large cent

    Have not had time to take pics of some of my finds from back in December just before the ground froze. Pulled this one out, still trying to remember exactly where I dug it lol ! Pretty good shape considering.
  14. Slot machine tokens

    I hiked up into the woods a couple weekends ago , went up a steep cliff with detector and shovel to see what was on top. Leveled off and got a good signal. Pulled one of these out of the hole, followed by 3 more in the same hole. They are prohibition era slot machine tokens. { I think}On them...
  15. excal 2 stock coil issue

    Hi, recently tore apart my excal 2 for general cleaning and maintenance. When i tried putting the lower rod back in between the coil ears, it is tight as can be and has to be forced in there to the point where i'm sensing the ears may snap. Not sure how it got like this, my only guess is the...
  16. Shafts 101

    Hi all, will be replacing my stock excal 2 curved shaft soon and seems the more I read the more confusing this is. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between an "over/under" shaft and a "straight shaft"? What length would be appropriate for a 5' 10" person? Recently got a chest harness...
  17. If you think your coil is on it's way out....

    ....remove your shoes! My safari has been acting erratic last 6 outings, with no rhyme or reason as to why it kept falsing. Every swing the threshold would either blank out or give me a tone in the 32 to 33 range. Drove me insane. So I was doing some troubleshooting and stood in one spot , feet...
  18. Discoidal??

    Hi, found this yesterday in a large cornfield along a river yesterday. Looks like it might be a biscuit discoidal?? Same field I have found a few points and flint chips in the past.
  19. 1830 Capped bust

    Dug this a few weeks ago, little late on posting. 1830 capped bust 5c piece. Love when these early silvers pop out of the ground!
  20. Could use some help ID'ing, I'm stumped

    Hi all, dug this yesterday and cannot seem to figure out what it is. Not sure if it's a coin of some sort, a token or medallion, or an abnormally large sporting button. Leaning against a button due to the large size and completely smooth surface on the backside { no nubs or eyelets like buttons...