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  1. Just found in Superstitions

    Rock with cross, and nearby is a very large heart with green rock behind it. My son lives in AZ and just sent me the pics. They came from the "backside" of the mountains near the town of Globe. Looks like a GREAT FIND!! I wish I could send those pics and some more from my phone, haven't learned...
  2. Metal detector friend finds ring years later

    Chattanooga Times-Free Press Man looses weeding ring, man with metal detector finds it for him. Great story

    The web page gives you a good idea on how and why the War of Aggression started and how it was fought. OOOH! by the way, this site is by a Black Man, go figure.

    Check it out boys & girls. It will enlighten you, open your closed mind & eyes, maybe even get you to read something. If any carpetbaggers have a mind to, they can hire this gentleman to speak at a Function. I think he does speaking engagements for free, or donations.
  5. $20 gold piece vs $20

    A US $20 or $5 etc is worth exactly $$$ that amount. When you add in a gold coin to that denomination, it's worth a lot more especially when it's a rare date, mint. If you find a gold US coin and sell it, you pay the taxes on that amount, not the historic value .ie; $1,2.5, 5 10, 20 etc A...
  6. Treasure finds behind the door

    I hunt odd things; in boxes, totes, sacks, old suit cases,gym bags,drawers, cabinets and sometimes just lying on the floor. I buy storage lockers @ auctions. Most of the time myself and lady friend buy in person, but a lot of storage companies are doing their auctions on line, which is hard to...
  7. new member

    East TN,, I/we hunt civil war camps, coin shooter on beaches, old home sites.. Raised in mountains, huntin, fishin, trappin. Widower, found a girl friend that likes detecting. Life is great at 74: Switched from huntin dawgs to a sheppard. We travel a lot. Got a book for Christmas, "Rebel...