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  1. Coin purse LOADED with old coins!!

    Nice find, I share in your WOW! A few years back I dug 25 coins in one hole. Its a great feeling. Congrats!
  2. πŸ₯‡ BANNER Found a cache of chinese coins

    WOW that's crazy. Congratulations on a neat find.:icon_thumleft::icon_thumleft::icon_thumleft:
  3. Turn of the century Picnic Grove coin spill.............

    Got out this morning for some long awaited metal detecting. Was dying to get out, haven't been out much this Spring. Hit this old picnic grove in the woods that I hit last year when I dug 3 Standing Liberty quarters in one hole. Well, I hit another coin spill today, first one was a 1918...
  4. 1700s coin spill! Fugios, 2-Reale, and Draped Bust!

    Some really nice finds there, especially in this weather. My hats off to ya!
  5. Three Standing Liberty Quarters & 2 Buffalo Nickels in one hole..........

    Let me start by saying what a first 2 hours detecting! Got a late start yesterday, only had a couple hours so I went to an old turn of the century (1900) picnic grove, but was disappointed when I heard bulldozers at my spot, timbering. I said to myself now what? On a pure hunch, went across...
  6. Went cellar hole hunting yesterday, and found one..................

    My buddie Mike and I went to look yesterday for this old homestead that was located on an 1876 Atlas of Columbia & Montour Counties. After about an hour Mike found it. We concentrated on detecting the area around the old cellar hole, and this is what I dug up after about 3 hours of detecting...
  7. πŸ₯‡ BANNER Dug a change purse full of silver!!!

    Fantastic find. Nice going:hello2:
  8. Bonanza of flat buttons, US button and early silver eagle piece ?? Military?

    Those flat buttons look like late 1700's. Reminds me about a similar site I had that produced lots of flat buttons and eventually started digging colonial coppers and a few early American coins. Please don't give up, keep at it. Nice stuff:icon_thumright:
  9. Slq and barber dime in tearout!

    Nice digs. SL Quarters are a bonus:thumbsup:
  10. Seven Wheats and a Henry Plant Railroad Worker Button

    Nice button. First one I've seen on here. My philosophy is where there are wheaties, there is silver. Don't give up:thumbsup:
  11. I found an 189? Barber Half yesterday...

    Looks like a 2 to me. Either way, nice find.:thumbsup:
  12. A large copper - how to clean it properly?

    Judging by the comparisons of the obverse in your last 2 pictures, it's looking more like a matron head. I do see the outline of the forehead. Could be a Draped Bust also but I'm leaning towards a Matron Head. Either way, it's corroded badly to be of any value, but its the thrill of the find...
  13. A large copper - how to clean it properly?

    Brian, well since nobody replied I'll take a stab at it. It's a judgement call. Some coppers come out of the ground with a nice green patina which require no cleaning. Some coppers start flaking as soon as it hits the air after being in the ground for 250+ years. It would be best for you to...
  14. Beach digging, GOLD!

    Nice beach finds for this time of the year. Congrats:thumbsup:
  15. Unopened can of food - found in desert -- feel like SPAM? Any guesses?

    Did you say Veal:laughing7: or Re - Veal :icon_biggrin::icon_biggrin::icon_biggrin::icon_biggrin: