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  1. Help ID Gorget

    Can you help me ID this Gorget? Found at a site in Baden-Wurttemberg Germany, 7 years war era, maybe French. Thanks for any help.
  2. Albuquerque -Anyone there?

    I am traveling to Albuquerque in November for Thanksgiving, spending a week there. I would love to do some metal detecting or other form of relic hunting while I am there. Can anyone take me to places to hunt?
  3. 1820 US General Service Button

    I got out this weekend, but could only take the extreme heat and humidity for about 2 hours. Mosquitoes the size of sparrows! Fire ants, horseflies, you name it, they were after me. But it was worth it for the fine 1820 General Service US Army button, with "UNITED STATES" backmark, and a bent...
  4. Help ID bayonet

    I've collected bayonets for more than 30 years, specializing in Civil War and earlier socket bayonets. A friend of mine found this bayonet here in Jacksonville, Florida. It does not match up to anything I've seen. In a way, it kind of reminds me of a Mosin-Nagant bayonet, but it doesn't match...
  5. Speaking another language can help alot

    I've been trying for a long time to get access to a sweet spot near my home where a Confederate belt plate was found a few years ago. I've left notes, knocked on the door (but got no answer), asked neighbors, but never got anywhere. Yesterday I was driving by, and the owner was in the yard. I...
  6. 1837 Large Cent

    Two weeks ago, I was hunting the backyard of a friend who lives on the site of Fort Heileman, a Second Seminole War fort located in Middleburg, Florida. I thought this was just another encrusted flat button that had lost it's shank, but when I finally got to cleaning it last night, I had a...
  7. Official Records Webpage!

    I found a website where you can search through the Official Records of the Rebellion. Wish this had existed 30 years ago, when I was really hunting sites down. Browse | Cornell University Library Making of America Collection Check it out!
  8. Anyone hunted Fort Harlee?

    Has anyone here ever hunted Fort Harlee in Florida? It was a Second Seminole War fort in the 1830's. I can see on GoogleEarth that there are several houses in the woods at the site. If anyone has hunted the site, please contact me. I am wondering if the landowner(s) are open to allowing a...
  9. Posting a picture of past finds

    I'm a "Newbie", and I concentrate on relics, so I thought I'd post some of my better finds from the past. I used an Old Nautilus MF to find most of these, then that detector died. So I bought a Fisher 1265X in the early 90's, and did pretty good off and on for years. I just recently got back...