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  1. Pottery hand drum

    Casas Grandes/Mogollon Culture desert southwest This was dug in the 1950s or earlier and has a digger repair job, the only one I have ever seen. Wish I could find out which site it came from so I could date it.
  2. Road Trip

    I had some errands to run in North West Chihua Monday so I took and extra day to do some picking. My wife didn't like her new washing machine
  3. Wash Stand

    I need a wash stand like this one. I live in the southwest, if anyone close has one I am interested in looking.
  4. Wash Stand

    I am looking for a washstand pre 1900 for my buddy who has a movie set rental company. I found one bought it for him he mailed a check I cashed it. My wife found it, liked it and took it. Now I need another for my buddy. I live in southern New Mexico near El Paso Texas, I can get it picked up...
  5. New Paleo

    All from Dona Ana County New Mexico
  6. Paleo ???

    Made of Alibates flint from a long ways away in the Texas Panhandle. Dwain Rogers agreed with the Alibates but call it archaic, what do you guys think ?? A Archaeologist from New Mexico State University stopped by for a book yesterday and said it was paleo.
  7. Mogollon Pestle

    I found this on a fence line where they threw the rocks when they were clearing the land late 1800s. I had talked to a farmer down the road and he had said his grandfather had cleared the land in that area and threw all the rocks along the fence lines. There are 2 sites close both El Paso Phase...
  8. Muzzleloader stuff wanted

    I am looking for 54 cal minie balls, 50 cal minie balls, caps, a Green Mountain barrel that will fit on a T C 50 cal.
  9. Old file cabinet

    Shaw and Walker made around 1900. I spent all day yesterday cleaning it up without removing all the original finish. I still have to blow out the insides and clean all the metal pieces inside. I found 3 of them in a shed in Casas Grandes Chihuahua. I made 2 complete out of the 3 and hoping I can...
  10. Cruciform Paper

    I am involved in this, the paper will be out soon
  11. Cruciform Paper

    I am involved in this, the paper will be out soon
  12. Old chain winch

    I found this in Chihuahua, I was told it was for pulling wagons up hills and across rivers. Anyone ever seen one ?????????
  13. Black Jack Pershing on the border

    Stuff from Pershing camps along the border and along the Rio Casas Grandes.
  14. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED New Mexico Fluorite

    There are many place to find fluorite in New Mexico, I want a display sample from each one. Probably an impossible task.
  15. Spanish Colonial

    I found a Spanish Fort ??? in a canyon. I was told by a old cowboy that there was a old hacienda up in a canyon. I finally got there and I don't think it is a hacienda but a defensive area to move to when The Apache was on the move. There are 2 corrals (stone) on both sides of an arroyo. There...
  16. Lost Gold of the Aztecs

    On the last show I saw they found some shell pieces in the spring. The guy who looked at them said they were possibly Aztec. There were 1000s of shells found at Paquime that were brought in from Baja California to trade. They trade turquoise and other minerals for shell and Macaw feathers and...
  17. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Any ideas on the stone pieces ??

    A buddy of mine found these at an estate sale in Taos New Mexico way back in the commune days late 1960s. They are not from New Mexico and might be fakes. They look good to me but what do I know. Anyone have an idea where they are from ??? If I could find out where they were from I can send...
  18. Culling some collections

    I am going thru some boxes. I have lots of Southwest Indian artifacts, metal detecting finds, rocks and minerals. If anyone is interested let me know and I will send photos.
  19. WPA office desk

  20. WPA office desk