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  1. Best find this UK trip

    Beautiful coin! But doesn't seem fair going back to the home country for it!
  2. CORN HARVESTED - And soon afterward, buttons, bullets and Civil War silver !

    5 C looks like a capped bust 1833 to me.
  3. ✅ SOLVED BUCKLE Help!!!

    Likely a stock or knee buckle. Shoe buckles usually are curved and bigger.
  4. Cool discovery while working !

    Neat finds in what looks like a very old hewed timber wall with lath that had plaster on it once. Fun place to work, I expect. I like old buildings like this.
  5. 🏴‍☠️ Cannonball, 1787 Vermont Copper, 1858 Flying Eagle Penny, and 1926 Standing Liberty Quarter.

    Those standing liberty coins are usually more worn than yours. Nice find. Of course, the copper is too. I wonder why the small coil works better for this site? Does it snipe among junk better?
  6. ✅ SOLVED Odd Thermometer

    I just saw another example of this exact thermometer set for sale on the web. It still had a wick around one thermometer. That wick would be wetted and evaporation would lower its temperature. The difference in temperatures reveals the relative humidity. Staggering them like they are keeps the...
  7. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Old Rusty Hand Forged Blade. Non Symmetrical Axe Head.

    Not a froe. Froe has long blade parallel to handle direction. Blade is pounded on its top edge. I think is is an carpenter's hatchet that has been used as a wedge by pounding on the poll with a sledgehammer. If it were an axhead, the handle holes would each buckle outward (away from each other)...
  8. ✅ SOLVED Odd Thermometer

    Should be careful with it, probably not sling it around, even though it was designed to do that. It was made in the time when mercury was commonly used and handled. Now we know how toxic it is. When something like a thermometer breaks, the mercury often bounces around on the surface it falls on...
  9. A colonial axehead

    To support Radon's suggestion, note how close the blade end is to where the handle was attached. Usually there is more distance, suggesting that this head has been sharpened a great many times.
  10. Last dive of the season, first gold!

    I wonder how people lose so many cell phones. Sunglasses I can understand, wearing them on their heads when they go swimming. But why take a cell phone swimming? Not a very good life preserver!
  11. First Hunt in My New Area Nets Gold and Silver!

    Nice haul. I've never heard of "nervous tabs" before. What are non-pull tabs and why are they nervous? Is there a picture of one in the group? I might run into one some day and would like to be prepared.
  12. My continuation along the old Susquehanna Turnpike (Sidney NY - Franklin NY)

    Some very nice historical artifacts and a good variety! I find it amazing that Don can determine the variety on a corroded coin like this one. I found one that he ID'd and mine was very worn but not corroded much. I was in the Southern Tier quite a bit when I lived near Rochester but was not...
  13. Queen Elizabeth II did her job

    Antiquarian, thank you for the informative post and thank all that added comments. I think she was a stabilizing influence in a world full of political change and sometimes chaos. I hope the monarchy continues that role.
  14. A Productive Couple Hours at The Fort!

    Those lead balls are pretty irregula, size and shape, for musket balls. I'm wondering whether they are canister?
  15. Old Bible found.

    Treasure for sure!
  16. Musket ball?

    I'm wondering whether it's a little larger than .69". A caliper would tell. If about .75" could be a 12 gauge shotgun ball. I stabilize my lead gun balls with water diluted white ("Elmers") glue which preserves the patina but seals in the lead oxide (the white coating) so it's safer to handle...
  17. Old School Silver

    Nice coins. Must be near the border because of all the Canadian ones?
  18. Caution when digging in water.. Swimmers itch is terrible..

    The ones we have spend part of their life cycle in waterfowl and the other in snails. There is a free-swimming part of its life cycle that is looking for the fowl to penetrate. If it finds a fowl, it penetrates the skin and migrates to the blood system. It also tries to penetrate human skin and...
  19. Help with dating and value

    I think you'd destroy any antique value is has by refinishing it. Can't tell for sure but looks like quite old and well made. Someone more expert in furniture might recognize the style and provenance.
  20. 1857 Canadian penny

    It's a biggie! Nice find. Traveled south a long way.