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  1. Oldest coin I’ve found

    So I was out detecting on Friday at a park and could not believe what I found. A 1745 shilling. I did a little research and apparently it’s a coin minted from a hoard of silver captured by the Spanish operating over the Pacific Ocean. I don’t know if the coin is worth much but Im just stoked...
  2. Excal pinpoint mod kit.

    Was wondering if you can buy the excal pin point mod kit online or from somewhere. I know OBN did some videos on Excal mods and I’m just wondering where do you guys get the toggle handles and stuff.
  3. My TreasureNet app on my phone says it needs to be updated

    When I click on my TNet app it says the developer of this app needs to update it in order to work with this version of iOS. Anyone else have this happen. I don?t like this version of Tnet. I?m all confused now.
  4. Sov GT.

    Looking at buying a GT. Can you get them repaired anywhere if something goes?
  5. 920ix arrived!!

    Well I finally got my scoop (Christmas present) the other day. All I can say is wow!! Just seeing pictures or videos on YouTube doesn’t do justice for the size of this scoop. I mean this things is killer! As soon as I opened it my cat decided to crawl in it lol. He’s a 13 pound cat and he had...
  6. Sunspot Stealth.

    Trying to contact Sunspot Stealth. I’ve left a couple emails wanting to purchase but no response back yet. I’m thinking they’re just really busy back from the holidays. Anyone know if they are back working or maybe closed still?
  7. COVID Metal detecting T shirt. I like it!!

    I was checking out some decals and t shirts on eBay for metal detecting and thought this was pretty cool!
  8. Should I buy a slightly used Sovereign or a 440 Vanquish?

    I’m bidding on a Sovereign XS2a Pro right now and I was just currently out bid at $270.00. Still 5 more days left on the auction but I’m just wanting some feed back. If you guys had the chance what would you buy. I’ve always wanted a Sovereign of any kind but also very interested in the...
  9. XP Orx Top 7 beach detectors.

    For anyone who says the Orx is not a beach detector. I used the Orx on the beach and in the water this whole summer and made some great finds. While some say it’s not a dedicated beach machine and I don’t think XP’s intentions were to make it one but the Orx is awesome on the beach. My At...
  10. Question about batteries.

    So how do I know which battery of the 3 needs replacing when one of them starts going. Battery in the shaft, the coil or the remote battery? Maybe a dumb question but I’m new to the XP’s.
  11. Silver bracelet in the park.

    Went out last wk and did a few park hunts. Scored this mans heavy 32g Canadian Poker bracelet. I was detecting under this big tree and I got a nice signal right next to the tree root and barely under the ground was a solid 71 on the AT Pro.
  12. 10k in the park

    Was out the other day at a local park. This summer I’m switching it up between parks and beaches. One week to the parks with the AT Pro, the next wk to the beaches with the Xp Orx. Anyway, I was searching up and down the field part of the park with the AT Pro 5x8 coil, digging every pull tab...
  13. Starting to get used to my Orx.

    Well I’m starting to understand the Orx. Been using coin fast mode in the water and when it went over gold, it hit hard and locked on. At first it was frustrating but the signals are more understandable now. It reminds me of the Pro on certain targets, just faster and lighter. The detector is...
  14. Canadian Tire selling minelab.

    Looked at the flyer today and seen they’re selling Minelabs go find 66.
  15. Orx gets a14k on Camping trip

    Went camping for 5 days in beautiful Ontario. Got up at 5am, very cool that morning. Sleeping in tents can get cool in the Lake of The Woods. Water was a little chilly without the sun up yet so I put on my new wet suit. Was getting the usual pull tabs, hair pins, a few bottle caps and pull...
  16. Second water hunt with the Orx.

    Took the Orx out again for a swim. So far the water kit is working great. Was out in chest deep water with the remote hanging around my neck and it would just float in the water. I’ve found using coin fast to be pretty much the only setting that’s the most stable in water and that’s in fresh...
  17. First time out with the Orx! My thoughts.

    Well I was finally able to take some time off work and hit the beach. I got out early Monday morn, set the alarm for 5 and was at the beach by 6:30, turned on the Orx and started off in coin deep. She’s quite chatty in coin deep even when I turned down sensitivity from 95 to 90. When I was...
  18. Orx question.

    I’m charging my Orx for the first time. Had not been used yet. I have the HF 9” coil that came with it. Do I have to pair it or is it paired already?
  19. Ice cold gold!

    Went out the other day to the beach. Still ice burgs floating on the lake. Had the 5mm waders on and scored a little gold. Tiny 1 gram 10k with a little stone.
  20. Xp Orx on Route!

    Just ordered and Orx. Got a great deal from Laraine at Reilly’s Treasure Gold. I chose the 9” HF coil. Can’t wait to try it on the beach where I’ve hunted out spots with the AT pro.