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  1. Some of my display cases.

    I figured I post some of the display cases that I have put together in the past few months. These are all from different sites from across the Western Territories. I am moving away from the Riker cases as I find they take up too much room and are rather boring to look at. I just changed my...
  2. Bisbee Bottle Dump?

    I'll be in Bisbee over Halloween. Does anybody know the location of the town bottle dumps or dumps? I'm guessing that they are common knowledge to locals, and no doubt hit hard but I'd still like to have a poke around. Thanks for any directions in advance.
  3. Indian Seed Beads from an unlikely source

    Last night I decided to clean the compacted dirt out of some broken off bottle necks that I had picked up at an old stage stop site out in the western US. For some reason I decided to wash the dirt out into a gold pan. I am glad that I did. In the dirt was a large amount of Indian Seed Beads. I...
  4. Oldest Gold Coin

    Its been a while since I have been on here. I figured this was worth posting as its my oldest gold coin to date. Thanks!
  5. US Census Numerators Badge 1910

    This came as a shock when it popped out of the ground. The 13th Census of the United States was conducted April 15, 1910, and was the first census conducted by the Census Bureau (established in 1902). A special badge was issued to aid enumerators in their work. The badge was to be worn when...
  6. My oldest coin.

    Celtic, British. Trinovantes. 1st century BC. Cast Potin. Thurrock type
  7. My oldest dog license tag

    Dug last month. Caused quite a stir. Apparently the oldest one known prior to this was 1940.
  8. Aerial Photos of homesteads

    Hey Colorado, I found this while browsing. Airphoto - Aerial Photo: Ghost Ranch, Baca County, Colorado Click on the '^thumbs' at the bottom of the page and it will show a number of homesteads (with general location) on the photo. GL & HH James
  9. Merry Christmas to you all....

    ....and may the new year provide you all with new places to hunt and relics to save!
  10. In winters grip...

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  11. Dragoon Camp?

    I was poking around looking for more info on camps in my neck of the woods when I found this.... It says Dragoon Camp. Google Map coordinates are 31.5035, -109.5456. Here is the link to the book I found it in... The National gazetteer of the United States of America: Arizona 1986 - Geological...
  12. ✅ SOLVED Reeds to a musical instrument

    I dug this in the same area as four cannonballs. Other than deducing that it came from a musical instrument I am clueless...
  13. Four cannon balls dug in one afternoon...

    Last weekend I was out in NC digging with some buddies of mine. Sunday ended up being one heck of a good day...
  14. Brass and Leather items?

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  15. A two Large Cent weekend in the U. T.

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  16. Utah Territory bullet spill

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  17. My best find from this weekend out in the U. T.

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  18. A few finds from the Utah Territory....

    Two Bit Bosses that were 8 feet apart. The half dimes are a 1838 or 1839, a 1853 O and a 1855 O.
  19. ✅ SOLVED Mystery Medallion

    So yesterday after MD'ing at another camp in the U.T. the property owner showed me a medallion that he had dug up as a kid near a Pony Express Station. I would say that he is in his mid to late fifties now so this had to be in the early 1960's. Anyway, he was wondering if I could find any...
  20. A few finds from the Utah Territory

    1852 three cent piece 1852 Seated Liberty Dime 1856 O Seated Liberty Dime And a Eagle R cuff button