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  1. Made a beach scoop

    Best advise.. buy an actual beach scoop made for what it’s actually made for and don’t rely on a plastic container. Plastic will not hold up at all and your day will be over before you know it. I seen a guy make one out of hard PVC plastic and it works in soft sand but I wouldn’t even bother...
  2. New from Minelab

    I agree. Looks like it’ll have 3 detectors in one type of deal. CTX, Equinox and probably better water I agree it looks like it may have capabilities of 3 detectors in one. CTX, Equinox and better water proofing like an Excal. The control head looks thicker than the Equinox so It probably...
  3. NEW XP ORX...X35 or HF coil??

    Fantastic detector I have the same coil on mine. I’ve had the ORX for 3 summers now and i love the speed and light weight. I do a lot of water hunting also so I bought the water kit with it and it’s been flawless in and out of the water.
  4. "AXIOM"...Garrett's New Gold Metal Detector Release

    That’s sounds so awesome! What an experience!
  5. "AXIOM"...Garrett's New Gold Metal Detector Release

    Sounds like it would’ve been so fun. I’ve always dreamed of being able to hunt the fields in Australia. General Hercules is quite the character if you have a chance just google his name and watch a video or two of his. He’s quite funny. Take care and I hope you can detect for many yrs yet!
  6. "AXIOM"...Garrett's New Gold Metal Detector Release

    Yeah it sounds pretty much like a GPX. Your from the land down under? How are them gold fields.? General Hercules still pulling nuggies out in his undies? Lol.
  7. Antenna o ring

    use some small zip ties.
  8. Water hunting how to video

    Very nice video! Love the WHO DO VOODOO shirt! You’re a brave man, won’t catch me in no murky gator water. I seen how fast they come out of the water and grab a zebra on the shoreline, hell no!
  9. "AXIOM"...Garrett's New Gold Metal Detector Release

    I just read Gerry in Idaho “Gerry’s Detectors” got an update on pricing and its msrp is $4700 and of course if you’re a veteran you get a discount.
  10. "AXIOM"...Garrett's New Gold Metal Detector Release

    Sounds exactly like a GPX. Nice looking detector and also looks way lighter than a GPX too.
  11. Sand Scoop Question

    Stealth 920ix. I love it. Especially In chest deep water that is hard to see bottom. Easier to retrieve targets the bigger your scoop is in deep murky water. On the dry I use a smaller scoop. For easier sifting.
  12. 6 hour water hunt...Gold, Silver, Apple Watch

    Nice recoveries! What’s the weight on that 14k?
  13. am I the only african American that metal detects?

    Here’s a pic of we’ll known treasure Hunter “Clive James Clynick.” Not sure if he’s African American but pretty sure by the pic he’s not white.
  14. First hunt for 2022...first gold for 2022

    Nice find! A few more water hunts and you’ll be back in shape b4 you know it. Never too cold to search for gold!
  15. Teaching Little Digger to water hunt

    Great video! What a calm day! Doesn’t get any better than that!
  16. First Gold Ring

    Nice! Looks like a real emerald in that setting
  17. 7 Hour Water Hunt....Gold and Silver

    Nice 3 ringer day!! Love that yellow!
  18. Oldest coin I’ve found

    I had the AT Pro with me that day.