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  1. Stone Hoe

    Finding a legit stone axe or hoe always makes for an exciting day. I was so thrilled after finding this one earlier this past summer I just about packed it up and went home. Never found one at the spot where this one was picked up so I was rather happy?another piece of the puzzle, a little more...
  2. Brewerton

    Hit a new spot and threw a few test holes in the ground to which none yielded anything. Dog wanted to move along so we tried a different spot. Found a flat area between two cold Springs immediately above the river and did a 1x1? test hole and found maybe 15 flakes of a variety of...
  3. Mississippian Points

    Found these a week ago walking the same site where I found the charred stuff from another recent post. Look to be three little Clarksvilles and a Madison (a Levanna for you boys above the Mason-Dixon Line). Beyond the points themselves, what got my blood going was that I only walked down the...
  4. Charred Stuff

    Really have no clue what this stuff is, but I found it at what I?m calling a campsite due to the pieces of pottery and four points I?ve found there along with many chips and flakes, of course. Everything here is very light even for its size which led me to think that what is left over is mostly...
  5. Kirk Serrated

    Hit an old spot and bagged a Kirk Serrated made of rhyolite right next to an old, deep, and narrow spring. Fields were disked and rolled. We don?t find much rhyolite around here so I was excited to find it. Central Virginia find.
  6. Edgefield?

    Central Virginia find. I don't know much about Edgefields--assuming this is an Edgefield--but I know they come in many shapes and sizes. Blade shows some degree of being beveled, but the base and very tip have not. All thoughts appreciated.
  7. Sunday's Hunt

    Hit a newer spot Sunday in Essex County. Found a mid section of a knife and a beat-up and done LeCroy. Have yet to find a whole point here, but it was fun to find the LeCroy. It is mostly cutover, but once the bulldozer gets in there to begin clearing I hope to have more opportunities.
  8. Broken Rock with Design?

    James River lowgrounds find. It appears there is a oblong cigar-shaped engraving. Thoughts? Ain't a brick. Found with a few points and pottery shards.
  9. Crystal Quartz Palmer/Kirk Corner Notch

    Recent James River low grounds find. Despite the damage on that ear it's one of my favorites. If you click on the photos the detail is better.
  10. Need help--opinions needed

    Disclaimer: I know very little about glass. Yall in the Bottle & Glass forum have been a great resource in the past, and I need your help again. This piece of glass was found at a Native American site on the James River here in Virginia that I've been picking over for quite a while now. While...
  11. Clear-Cut Abandoned Point

    Was scouting for some early-season duck hunting opportunities in Essex Co. Virginia at an acreage that had just been clear-cut and found what appears to be an abandoned Fort Nottoway or Halifax point due to the obvious inclusion. There is grinding on the notches--thought that was kinda cool...
  12. vegetable garden find

    Vegetable garden is going well this year. Got corn, beans, peppers, potatoes, and a few others all getting along just fine. Got a hand plow that does a good job of keeping the weeds down between the rows--added benefit is it has again helped produce a few items this year to boot. Most recent...
  13. Type? Material?

    These were found Saturday in Central Virginia. The more-whole point looks to be made from Flint Run Jasper, but that's as far as I got. Not sure of what the more-broken point is made from. Any idea on the type of either? What do yall think? Both look to have a flute on one side (middle photo...
  14. Great day in Central Va

    After being in a good drought for a while, I decided to hunt a place I'd never been before, and Saturday was the day to check it out. The night before I couldn't sleep, and now I know why--thankfully I had an entire empty frame at the house. The items within the quartz circle (with the...
  15. Fooled

    Creek got me again. Thought I had a drill on my hands. Left empty-handed today.
  16. Guilford Point—Fluvanna Co. Virginia

    Dad found this 2.5” guilford today while shooting clays in Fluvanna County. Not bad.
  17. Worst dove hunt I’ve ever had!

    Opening day for dove here in Va. Unfortunately our sunnies have not died enough to begin dropping seed. On the other hand, found this guy. White quartz. Not 100% sure on the type, but maybe a Savannah River? Savannah River Projectile Point
  18. Virginian/Mid-Atlantic NA Artifact Texts

    Need some recommendations for Va/Mid-Atl. NA texts. I have the Nottoway River Survey report but would like to expand my library instead of learning through a computer screen. Which ones are best? Thanks!
  19. Archaic Points

    Found at a small site I've been pecking at recently. First one is a quartz LeCroy--very thin and barely over an inch long. The second is a Koens Crispin...and I think we have another name for it in Va.
  20. Whatever it is, it has been used

    Point taken down to a scraper? Central VA James River low grounds. Looks like chert to me. Side-view photo won't upload but the smooth side does have a very slight concave shape at the tip or...