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  1. Waco, Texas

    Any people detecting in Waco, Robinson, Bellmead, Hewitt area.
  2. Legend Pro Package

    I just bit the bullet on the Legend Pro Package. I am thinking it will be a lot better than my Garrett Ace 400. I will keep the 400 and probably give it to one of my great grand kids (two of them are interested in detecting). We will see how it all goes.
  3. What to do...What to do

    I have a Garrett Ace 400 now but thinking about 1 or 2 steps more. Either the APEX or the AT Pro. All I do is hunt for coins and jewelry in parks, church grounds, vacant lots and sometimes at fresh water beaches and camp grounds. I hear good things about both. Another thing is the software...
  4. What is a good pin pointer.

    I have a Garrett Ace 400 and want a good pin pointer.
  5. Quarter

    First coin with my new Garrett Ace 400. Not much but proud to find it. 1983 Quarter at about 2 inches deep.
  6. New to the forum.

    Glad to be here and hope to pick up ideas and tips.