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  1. Help needed for dowsing photo

    Same spot than DragonAsia dot its the treasure I check the size and get the same size than in satellite picture, so, both marks are the same target
  2. λίρες υπάρχουν (Pounds are there )

    kristoz, your spot its a ring (mirror) Follow the line and you will be happy :icon_thumleft:
  3. Help needed for dowsing photo

    Same spots than DragonAsia
  4. Need help with dowsing hole on picture

    I have same hit than DragonAsia Its mineral of gold but very deep aprox. 18 meters ..can be a gold nugget like 3 kgs size
  5. Map dowsing request for gold

    What happen here? ..looks treasure gone was taked it
  6. Map dowsing request for gold

    I review the picture and get a gold signal ..a treasure Its the same spot from yellow spot marked by red_desert
  7. My grandfathers Ring

    Yes is a REAL treasure ..put metal detector there or take picture for center it
  8. My grandfathers Ring

    I cant find your Granpa ring but i find a Treasure if you want it
  9. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! Dowsing for a New Year!

    Happy Holidays!! ..and a New year charged with gold :2barsgold::goldbar:
  10. Introduction on how to use a pendulum from Supersensonics book

    Interesting he does not mention the basis of dowsing, the easy way: The witness and the Similarity Ray Seems he drowning with the pendulum and witness inside pendulum ..the hard way because pendulum impregnation
  11. What do you recommend for dowsing maps?

    Bury some object in your garden like coins or other then get a map from Google Earth and Dowse, look and learn the reactions the pendulum or L-rods have; after learn and know how to search then do the search in another unknow site like a park.
  12. Photos & Map - Treasure Site

    No gold and no silver in big orange circle Treasure 8 to 10kg of gold in yellow circle mistake, its a treasure from Dragonasia
  13. OK, take your best shot dowsers

    gunslinger44 check the yellow spots marked by red_desert(#8) and elh(#11)..they are Treasures
  14. Is there something valuable to map dowse here?

    Gold and silver treasure 20 kg
  15. Respectfully asking for a dowsing of this pic.

    Nothing big enough to be a treasure
  16. Help to locate gold needed.

    585 You have any news? Some pics from the area i marked
  17. A special map dowsing request

    Gold treasure, 2 kg
  18. Island Treasure

    Gold treasure 10 kg, not buried
  19. Please, I need Dowsing this pic.

    Capt. can you delimit the property, draw a rectangle or some lines dont waste time with neighbors
  20. Help to locate gold needed.

    A gold target: is the red dot ..its a treasure ..if you need help walk and take pictures then publish here to center the target