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  1. Sterling ring found in woods yesterday. Has makers mark.

    Very pretty ring. It's very ornate.
  2. Fun hunt with my wife, Dave, and Herky. Silver #1001 from my favorite site.

    I had a lot of fun, and am glad you got me started with detecting. My first two hunts spoiled silver since.:BangHead:
  3. Couple Nice Hunts. Tokens, LC, 2 Center 7 Silvers etc.

    Lot's of nice stuff you found. My husband speaks highly of you.
  4. Back in the Saddle - Silver and a Buff

    Nice hunting. Bryce messed with our settings a little bit last weekend. I still didn't find any coins, but I had fun. I got spoiled with a silver my first two hunts, and haven't found one since.:laughing7:
  5. My first Merc!!

    I found my first one a few weeks ago too, and will not forget what it felt like. It was my first silver Congratulations on yours.
  6. Beautiful day, great finds, silver again!

    I like that Buffalo Bill ring. I hope it cleans up good for you.
  7. Beer can signal

    Sharp! I'd be happy to find a silver quarter in any condition. Still waiting... :icon_thumleft:
  8. ๐Ÿ† HONORABLE MENTION I found the Queenโ€™s ring and returned it

    What a beautiful little ring. Ornate and in nice shape.

    Congratulations. I'm still waiting on my first Barber dime. :) My husband got a couple silver dimes last weekend, but I didn't even get a wheat cent.
  10. Morning Merc

    That is a lot of nice finds! I didn't even get a coin our last time out. My husband got 2 wheat cents and a silver dime at a new park we tried, but I got nothing but junk.
  11. Silver Ring! First find for me!

    That is very pretty! I'm still waiting for my first ring find.
  12. Another War Nickel!

    I actually learned what a war nickel was, when I found one a couple weeks ago. It's only my second silver coin, and I didn't know they were made with some silver for the war years. Nice finds.
  13. Large Cent, IHP, Sterling Moon

    I like that little silver moon.
  14. Weekend with Seated, Buttons & more

    Some neat old stuff. I'm starting to like the silver coins. I have found only two so far, but I'm having fun.
  15. Weekend campground digs - various and sundry items

    I'm sure it was finding all of that stuff! That dollar coin is neat.
  16. Typical Weekend Hunts

    I bet that was a fun hunt!
  17. Soccer Field Yields First Silver Ring!

    What a beautiful old ring.
  18. Cherry Picking Silver

    Nice finds. A silver quarter is on my wish list.
  19. Nickel hunt finds snake eyes

    That's a really neat find!
  20. After 40 years, my favorite site finally gave up it's 1000th silver!

    This was a lot of fun. I love it when you find a silver coin, and your face lights up. I wondered how you hunt for 5 hours, and are okay with finding only one coin, but when I found that silver nickel, which I didn't even know was understood. I'm glad I was with you when you...