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  1. For the first time in nearly 3 years.

    I cant believe it! i just received a call from my pops that I can finally search half’s! Backstory: In 2019-2020, I was a major time coin hunter, every day, if not every moment. I had unimaginable luck, and I especially liked half dollars. due to covid, my streak was heavily lost due to the...
  2. I just missed the ender of a lifetime!

    I was recently hunting some dimes, and even after a thural ender search, I didn’t seem to find anything. but at around 20 or so rolls into the box, I opened a roll of dimes and noticed a silver edge. At the end of the roll. Just as I thought was prevented by my search, I found a silver ender...
  3. I found a silver coin in a PENNY ROLL?

    Today, while I was coin roll hunting a box of Pennys, I opened a roll that had a, well interesting edge sticking out. When I investigated deeper I found a 6 shillings coin from 1942, Australia, which turned out to be 50% silver! I cant believe the fact I found a silver coin while hunting Pennie’s!
  4. Found a silver dime and an 09’ but I also got bad bank news :(

    today stinked. I know, be greatly with what you fat blah blah. but the bank I FINALLY order a box of halfs and a box of dimes didn’t even get them? so I had to stick to one box of dimes for today. First role had a 09’ ender, and other than that it was a really boring box, and I only got one 1960...
  5. I’m back.. and for the first time in a long time I may be getting half dollars (dimes as well)

    Well. It’s been a while, a whiiiiiiiile. I haven’t touched coins in so long I was surprised to find that my bank has comepletely new employees. That blew me away. I’ve been hunting these past weeks, and even got some comeback silver, I’m hoping I can get back into the groove though. I tried to...
  6. The highly awaited summary!

    Well, after my last post went semi-viral, I decided I might As well do a summary! It includes: - 64 silver dime - 27 standing liberty silver quarter - multiple wheaties - and a 41 nickel

    I was gonna wait for a summary of this hunt, but I really can’t wait. I FOUND MY FIRST STANDING LIBERTY QUARTER!!!
  8. check your local banks! People have been dropping JACKPOTS!

    It’s been just about a year since I touched a roll of coins. But boy, I’m loving what I’m seeing now! I went to my local bank, where I used to order half’s from, to see if they were starting to order half’s again. They said they were low on coin and could only give me a 450 dollar bag of pennies...
  9. Best quarter box ever

    I just hit the jackpot of all jackpots. My local bank is my main coin supplier, and when I ordered 2 half dollar boxes they were up to it. But, the day of ordering, there was some kaos in the bank. Which means they did not have time to order the boxes. Sadly, they realized too late. But, they...
  10. Got a crushed coin and almost got crushed myself!

    Today something crazy happened! Me and my dad went hiking and the hiking area was right near the train tracks so we put a coin on the tracks to see what would happen. When we finished hiking and got back, I found the coin right next to the tracks crushed. I was pretty amazed and showed my dad...
  11. Why I go to coin shops

    Hi! This is my first real post. I know many people disappoint when coin shops are mentioned, but I only go to look through a bin of coins they have. The bin has coins as old as 1816! And only 4 coins per dollar. That is my only reason. They do have other bins occupying different things which I...
  12. I’m new but I’m excited!

    Hi. I’m Jake, and I coin roll hunt. I don’t want to rush or waste your time but next wends day I do have 2 boxes of halves coming. Let me show you My best recent finds Pretty nice right!
  13. I’m new but I’m excited!

    Hi. I’m Jake, and I coin roll hunt. I don’t want to rush or waste your time but next wends day I do have yo boxes of halves coming. Let me show you My best recent finds