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  1. A question for you AR 15 guys

    I've got a early to mid '90s armalite AR that I had converted from a rifle length barrel to mid length several years ago. Haven't shot it that much, but it feels like the recoil is pretty harsh i'm guessing I need to swap out the buffer weight with a heavier one Any suggestions?
  2. A trime and some other bits and pieces yesterday

    Did a 4 hour hunt yesterday in a VERY wet bean field. Managed to pick a few keepers out of all the trash that is at this site. Got a well worn trime, 1913 wheat, a couple of flat buttons and a bale seal. This is only the second trime that I've found since I started detecting in the early '80s...
  3. ✅ SOLVED Need a little help on this button

    Dug this yesterday. It's cast brass or bronze. Rang up kinda low so I don't think it's copper. Found a close match online stating it was early 1700's but no other info.
  4. One of the coolest buttons I've ever dug

    Managed to squeeze in a few hours of detecting yesterday with a buddy at a site that has produced some early stuff in the past. This place is super trashy, but we were able to pick a few keepers out of there. My buddy pulled out a couple of flat buttons,shoe buckle pieces and a wheat cent. I...
  5. 2 more pieces to a shoe buckle puzzle

    Hi all, hope everybody's doing well. Haven't been detecting much because the spotted sea trout are biting good! Anyways, I was able to slip out for a couple hours this afternoon to a site I've hunted many times in the past. The only older pieces I came with are these that look like a good match...
  6. Thin flat button with early style eagle

    Not much left of it and it's very thin. It appears to have some lettering around the edge, but I can't quite make it out. Any info would be much appreciated.
  7. A few from yesterday

    I'll take an uneducated guess and say 1 Kirk and the rest are Morrow mountains. Please feel free to correct me
  8. Yesterday's Hunt

    Decided to walk the fields and do a little point hunting yesterday.Also did a little detecting. Here's what I came out with. Thanks for looking!
  9. Odd little lead screw cap

    Dug this last weekend and was a little curious about it. Tried to do a search on it and came up with really nothing other than maybe SSS tonic. It appears to me to be made of lead and my guess is it dates from around mid 1900's or newer.
  10. A few more from yesterday

    1 complete and 2 brokes. I guess I need to hang out on this forum to get more educated on this stuff, as I have no clue to what style or time frame these are! Thanks for looking, Bryant
  11. Back to the 2nd field we hunted last weekend

    Me and my buddy hunted it about 4 hrs. yesterday. All of the stuff we dug was fairly modern. I did find a couple of arrowheads there last weekend, so while he was eating his lunch, I went out and walked the field for about 20 mins. I managed to find a couple more. Bent down to pick up the last...
  12. A couple of new points today

    Just posted these on today's finds. I come across these occasionally while metal detecting. Thought you experts here might like to see them. Don't know alot about Native American artifacts, so anything you guys can tell me about them would be great!
  13. Recon on new 900 acre permission

    Hit 2 farm fields today, part of 900 acres that me and my buddy have permission to hunt. The first one was a dud. The second one makes the cut, as it had some broken brick, glass, pottery, AND some Native American artifacts in it. Didn't get to hunt the second field very long, maybe 40 mins. But...
  14. Fresh out of the peroxide

    Hunted 3 new fields this past Sat. They were pretty much clean, when I say clean, they were CLEAN! Hardly any can slaw and not even a shotgun shell base! Heck, I honestly thought my machine was screwed up. Anyways, I managed to pull 2 toasty coins out. Dropped them in peroxide and left them on...
  15. ✅ SOLVED A little button help please

    Dug this one awhile back, just not sure how old. :dontknow:
  16. Cut silver saved the day

    Went out to a site today that me and my buddy nicknamed "The Dump" The dump is a bean field slam full of chopped up aluminium and iron. Pretty much a relic hunters nightmare! Anyways, I managed to pull out some keepers. Best find of the day was a 1721 piece of Spanish pie. Haven't found any cut...
  17. Sitting around waiting for....

    Matthew to cut the power off stinks! Seriously, I hope everyone affected by this storm gets through it O.K.
  18. Recon mission today with a couple of short rants

    Took a little ride today to check out some of my old sites. One of them had been freshly cleared,so I went home and grabbed my machine. So, I get out there, and there is fresh uncovered holes all over.Rant #1 I'm not P.offed that someone else is hunting this site, just wish the the person or...
  19. What a sorry a-- day and the x-rays prove it

    Well, we were getting ready to head to the beach and my wife slipped on a piece of melted ice that was in our kitchen.She fell straight on her right elbow. Yep, she broke her arm! We were told she's gonna need surgery to fix it. they put a splint on her and juiced her up some morphine and sent...
  20. Dang Copperhead

    Stinking thing struck my right foot. Thank God I was wearing shoes,so all it got was a mouth full of shoe sole. 18" young one that's now in snake heaven! Be careful out there guys.