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  1. Garrett taking care of their customers A++

    No doubt Garrett has awesome customer service. Always very pleased when I've had to call. I had to call fisher for lower shfts and not sure it's that Garrett has me spoiled or if they are just that bad but I can say I surely wont bother with one of their machines because I don't want to make...
  2. Please Help Me Out On This Rock!

    Over in the gold or prospecting there's a rock Id thread and I'm sure you'd get lots of info there. Ga is definitely known for having quite the gold belt up to the north but if you check around you can find a file someone put together that has all the mine sites in ga dropped on a map that...
  3. Tuesdays Hunt comes up GOLD!

    I've got 3 or 4 gold rings with my at pro that have all been steady between 44 and 48, they've all been small kids rings, unfortunate that a lot of lawn mowered can slaw is right there too. Sure I've passed a few over because ill get tired of trash. Nice score
  4. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION The Bracelet I found and what it meant to the community.

    Good deal. You've done the hobby much good with this return. Karma should hook you up for this good deed so I'm sure instead of skunking me 3 to zilch next time it'll probably be six silvers to my one of I get lucky.
  5. Bracelet return makes the news.

    Last week wilddigger and I hit a local school. He dug a merc and a bracelet that had local history and was able to track down the family for an awesome return. Made the fox 5 news in Atlanta and shed some nice light on the hobby. He's mostly on the other forum so thought I'd share it for him...
  6. Athens Georgia clubs

    I don't count war nickels. That's like calling a gold plated sterling ring a gold ring.
  7. Surfside Beach

    I knew where you were talking about ezman, I can't remember the fancy one on the left side of the road but I'd drive right to it if I were there. Mouth waters just thinking about it. Right there near the boat ramp.
  8. Civil War Chewed Bullet!!!!!

    Sharpening their teeth for crunching nuts. I've seen rodents damage all kinds of non food sources. Just saying that the hog did not mistake the bullet for food and as it isn't going to have an odor I doubt he dug it in order to chew unless he stumbled across it while looking for a food...
  9. Athens Georgia clubs

    Yah that spigot was awesome. And there was that rusted iron ring. And the Pepsi cap goes nicely in my collection lol
  10. Surfside Beach

    Still do. Definitely good eats. I need a vacation
  11. Civil War Chewed Bullet!!!!!

    Truth is you'll never be able to solve the debate but certainly looks human. I call the hog theory hogwash. I can't believe that an animal whose got a nose that takes up 3/4 of his face and can smell expensive culinary delicacies growing under the soil (truffles) thought an odorless piece of...
  12. Athens Georgia clubs

    I like to call it trash picking lately.
  13. Civil War Chewed Bullet!!!!!

    I think the teeth marks are explained by soldiers biting down on them. Not sure if that's what's on your bullet or not but I believe when field amputations and things of the sort occurred. They'd bite down on them, because they weren't administering iv pain killers or anesthetic. Pain bullet...
  14. Surfside Beach

    I was up in north myrtle last year and didn't have much luck either. No doubt about the beaches getting packed though. For as many people as I saw on the beach every day I figured The place would have been loaded. Saw plenty of guys on the dry but never came across another detector in the...
  15. Some Pickers Gold Nuggets

    Awesome stuff, I'd take that over the mercs and Rosie's any day
  16. New site reveals large cent + half dime.

    Funny, I'm looking on an iPhone, it isn't just photos that seem to be missing. I see nothing in the original post whatsoever. Maybe the app?
  17. New site reveals large cent + half dime.

    How come I don't see any photos or info in the original post?
  18. First day out with the Ace-250 - GOLD!!!

    Awesome find for a first outing. Congrats, and may there be many more
  19. 🥇 BANNER Saved the best for Last!!!!

    Nice find. I pulled one last year that didn't get much attention here but every time my wife goes into a jewelry store she always gets asked about it. Definitely not scrap.
  20. Got one last hunt in before the.....

    Termites bad out there? Come do a termite season in ga. for some real bug killing fun