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  1. Gold in the Hole!

    2 inches in the dirt under some nice shade in Dublin, Ca. After some acid testing I’ve concluded that it is 22k/18k ~ 2 rings brazed together! 5.8 grams and a lot of tiny diamonds
  2. Gold in the tan bark!!! Woohoo!

    Yesterday I scored this silver/10kring that had no hallmark. Acid tested it 4 times and it popped positive for both silver and 10k. AND Today! It got better.. Hallmarked GAA 10K MEX... 🥰
  3. 22k gold Filigree Bracelet find

    I found this beautiful piece on a local garage sale app and acid tested/porch pickup’d for a fairly amazing price. The hallmarks have me in wonder. I’m thinking Arabic? Any help would be very appreciated. 9.2 grams at 22k at multiple, filed test points.
  4. First tot lot (20 min.) Gold and Silver

    A quick and equally thorough sweep of a nice playground. My heart jumped with the silver ring! Made my day at the start! But I wasn’t done... Then POW! I thought it look like all but it looked almost too good to be true and I couldn’t see a Hallmark. But I did have my jewelers loop in the...
  5. These two gems ..

    I scored these two silver stamped beauties from two separate parks in two separate cities.. I was blown away .. :headbang: plus $11+ in clad.. a good day!
  6. Fresh out of the rock tumbler!

    My haul for the last 2 weeks. Time to dry’em out and roll em up.
  7. High rolling!

    Buddha and Vegas..both cool finds at a local park
  8. First park of the day! Silver 🐉

    Cool little silver dragon, $.46 and a spent .40 cal round
  9. Is this Ring Gold!? Today’s interesting acquisition.

    I found this tiny child’s ring with the inscription “pebble” on it I’m thinking it might be a low carat gold But I’m not quite sure. The 10 karat acid I have dissolved quickly, on the touchdown. I applied a 10 carat as it directly to the peace and it has a very intriguing pattern. There is no...
  10. Today’s Loot!

    Hit a few parks on the SF Bay Peninsula and found some fun stuff!
  11. Ike!

    $7.50 in clad and a bicentennial Ike! My first. Made my day ��
  12. First post!

    I’ve been metal detecting for about a year now and my mine lab Go Find 40 has let me to so many treasures. Love that squeaky lil beast. Over $1k in change, hot wheels, and lots of silver and gold. Found my first gold ring yesterday and a chunky gold bracelet last Saturday. More to come...